War Scores


Please give me any scores in wars breaking out and I will post here :).

1.Honey Badgers 16-3 Sinn Fein Winner: Honey Badgers
2. Fallen Sons 9-0 Honey Badgers Winner: Fallen Sons
3.The ODC 3-0 United Front
4..aka: 2-0 The Storm Winner: The Storm
5. Honey Badgers 3-1 Refugees Winner: Refugees?
6. HB 19-13 Ref/HB/SF Winner: ?
7. Army Of Dead 19-2 NameLESS Elite
8. Army Of Dead A lot-0 Rising Sons Winner: Army Of Dead
9. Super Duper 21-11 United Front
10. Order of the Sicarius 7-5 United Front
11. TBA. 1 - 0 United Front
12. Fallen Sons 50-2 Infinite Presence
13. S.T.O.R.M 99-0 ex. RAID and current Raiding Horde.
14. God Eaters 2-16 United Front
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Honey Badgers 16-3 Sinn Fein
Fallen Sons 9-0 Honey Badgers
Honey Badgers 3-1 Refugees
HB 19-13 Ref/FS/SF
Put HB instead of FS.
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Yeah SF is gone, and Refugees have struck a deal with our leaders, hence the name change. So I guess you can mark Refugees as a win????