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This is the thread of news about every war in Ithaca. This goes from statistics to trash talking!​

The War of Ocean 35:

Killshot Alliance v Medina Sod

This war was started by Medina Sod as they were tired of the Killshot Alliance "Throwing there wait around". In return they started to plan a revolt of all the alliances in Oceans 34 and 35 against the Killshot Alliance. There plan was growing until the Killshot Alliance found out about there plan from a small alliance that was under attack and farming and in an agreement were not farmed any more for the information. In return Killshot Alliance has scared away some of the alliances and have now declared war on medina sod on April 8, 2014. As of now here is what it looks like:

Killshot Empire
Killshot Alliance
Killshot Academy

Ocean 35 Super Pact
Medina Sod
Candy Coated Chaos
Iron Maiden

Strong Nuetrals
13th Legion
13th Legion Gemina
Great Global warriors

Medina Sod is leading OTTSP. The leading alliance in the OTTSP is the 15th ranked Undertakers. Than the 30th ranked Candy Coated Chaos and the 36th ranked medina Sod. this is followed by three smaller Ocean 34/35 alliances. Right now the war ratios are:

Killshot Empire- 12

The War of Ocean 45:

Section 8 v Futurus Sanguis

This war has been brewing for about a week now and was started as Futurus Sanguis declared war as they wanted Ocean 45 just to them selves. Futurus than declared war on Pathogen and Pathogenesis. While the Pathogen Empire did merely nothing Section 8 has been leading in attacks, as they ripped apart Aweshock who fled into Futurus. Now some members are fleeing into Ironbound! Also the 26th ranked OUTCAST has also began to attack FS.

Futurus Sanguis- 3
Section 8- 16

That seems to be all the wars right now at this point besides farming and BP, so please inform me if there are more and keep up the trash talks!

War Ratios are Conquers and players forced to quit!​


This is a hoax, Awechok was nothing but a band of scrubby noobs, section 8 ain't got anything, i've been farming them since the day bp ended. Don't count the Awechok noobs who came to FS.


This is a hoax, Awechok was nothing but a band of scrubby noobs, section 8 ain't got anything, i've been farming them since the day bp ended. Don't count the Awechok noobs who came to FS.
Are you sure about that Niko??? If you have been farming us since BP you must be starving. Have only seen a couple attacks from you, and that was a couple weeks ago. Funny how now that Aweshock is gone, they were nothing but scrubby noob's. Guess they were noob's that like to run their mouths too much. Same fate will fall upon Futurus Sanguis. Oh let me guess, when it happens to them they will be nothing but scrubby noob's as well. Lol...


Wow, how interest! Author, write more!
PS. I think we need release ebLANs Times #4 that would clarify the situation on the server.


So it looks like i am on the wrong side of the world. I dont see much action where i am at. Although, to be realistic everyone by me just started about a week or two ago from what i have gathered. I have noticed a lot of alliance (2-3 alliances) growth by me over the last few days in my O47 & O57, but they are new ocean and very underdeveloped at this point. Should be fun to see how things develop over time.

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Killshot Empire: 16

Also Ermagherd and The Shields od Oblivion are at war, but Ermagherd is crushing them 8-0

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Killshot Empire: 21

Shields of Oblivion: 1

Futurus Sanguis: 4
Section 8: 22

Ithaca War One:
This is possibly the greatest war yet as The Rebels have declared war on Ermagherd. On the power rankings Ermagherd is ranked 4 and of-course The Rebels are ranked first. This war has just taken off and this is the biggest war yet! Possibly the greatest war yet and to come!

The Rebels:1

The War in Ocean 44: (Meant to rhyme)
It seems that the Pathogen/Pathogenesis alliances have declared war on the UNITED ITHACA WARRIORS or UIW. the UIW seemed to fall apart but have bounced back all the way up to 15 and are slowly dropping. Though his seems to be a pointless war as UIW is hardly fighting back!

Pathogen Empire: 12
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Killshot Empire- 24

Section 8: 25
Futurus Sanguis: 5

The Rebels:0

Pathogen Empire: 14

Ocean 45 II:
After destroying a Section 8 CS, Ironbound and Steelbound have declared war on Section 8. Now Section 8 is the most battle tested alliance in Ithaca as they fought and beat Aweshock, fought and have almost demolished the legendary Futurus Sanguis and now are on moving into Ironbound/Steelbound. This may be the most exciting war yet. As pacts join sides in this brutal war. Ironbound is leading the way of the Bound Empire as long with deathBound and Steelbound. Meanwhile Section 8 is in luck as the Kilshot Alliance has joined there side and have now declared war on the Bound empire, but Killshot is still fighting the most heated war in southeast Ithaca against Medina Sod and the Candy Coated Chaos!

Bound Empire: 1
Section 8: 2
Killshot Alliance: 0
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The war in O35 has gone crazy! CS's are flying off and being killed. New alliances are fighting in the area. CS's are everywhere, but most of the time being killed off. but this war has taken off