Hey All.
I am an old player.
I date all the way back to EN5, Epsilon.

I recently started playing again in EN servers.
Savage300 convinced me to join here.
Couldn't resist the world speed and no Morale!
We are looking for a group of experienced and active players.

Our strategy early game is simple:
No pacts
Stay active, grow and take over.

If you are an active player looking to join this world, feel free to ask for an invite.
No point requirements, experience preferred and activity a must.
This world is high world speed, fast paced.
If youd like to join a strong team environment with active players, let me know.



Ooh interesting. I'm an old EN player, as well. Wouldn't mind joining you on this world. Let me know if you're interested in having me and send that invite link. :)