Valentine's Day Winners Announced!

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We are pleased to announce the winners of the Valentine's Day Competition. First we would like to thank everyone for their entries! We love the Grepolis spirit!

Our first place winner is: amiable

For hours I sat by my screens dim light,
Planning and building for a truly epic fight.
My nukes were amassed, and ready to sail,
The date had been set, my allies mass mailed.

I arose from my seat to grab a quick nap,
I dreamed of my victory, and new cities on my map.
When I awoke, I yawned, then I gasped.
For upon seeing the time, ten hours had passed.

I'm now late for work, and should be calling my boss.
Instead I dashed to my desk, and am stunned by the loss.
My walls are demolished, my troops are all dead.
My light ships are sunk, revolts almost red.

I beckon my allies, who all rally to me.
The CS are en route, how surprised they will be.
Their attacks will all crash against my bireme wall.
Their ships will all sink, their troops will all fall.

Now that it's over it's time to rebuild,
I buy lots of gold, my wife is not thrilled.
I summon my army with buckets of gold,
and attack the aggressors that were so bold.

My onslaught successful, I now can relax.
My city slots, are filled to the max.
As I sit back in my chair, in triumphant bliss,
I sincerely admit, I LOVE GREPOLIS.


Coming in second place is kryven!

They sent their ships of War,
that have arrived at my shore.
My armada of biremes, shone in the light.
Protecting the city with defensive might.
Swords, hoplites and archers at the ready.
Chariots and mystical units all holding steady.

First word of the attack arrived in the night,
A neighboring city had picked a fight.
News spread quickly in the Alliance.
All who knew, stood in defiance.
Well before dawn the troops were sent.
We all knew what this meant.

All ships in the harbor clashed.
The enemy ships were all bashed.
A few troops managed to reach the shore,
they quickly learned the score.
Gods were praised, for the dearly departed.
All that knew, it was War.
War was started.

Third place goes to strykerman

Roses are red
Violets are blue
we are not allies
so I'll attack you

Your alliance helped out
and you rebuilt your wall
im ok with that
I got BP in the brawl

I took a ghost city
after I made an extra slot
and went back to your city
'cuz I like it a lot

your friends were very busy
with attacks from my buddies
you never saw it coming
a lesson in warfare studies

Congratulations to our winners! Have an idea for the next competition? Leave a comment below!


Grepolis Team
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Congratulations to the winners!! They did a great job.


Thank you all so much for your votes and congratulations to the kryven and strykerman. Everyone wrote some great poems.
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@ Amiable . Well deserved man. Saved it to show when I get asked why I play Grep.
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