Vacation Mode Update


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Suggesting a couple updates on Vacation Mode for discussion:

1) 42 days seems like a bit much and can too easily turn into 84 if you hit the anniversary: Ok, if 42 days what we want to stick with, how about we break it down into max periods of 7, 10 or 14 days. After 14 days VM is automatically ended. Maybe there is a 12 hour grace period where you cant be attacked and if you renew then you instantly return to VM, but you have to actually go back in. If you don’t renew or start playing in that 12 hr window you’re ghosted or just attackable; if you come back you can hit vm again for 14 more days. And then again for a final 14 days. Cant just flip off the server and walk out. To be honest it hurts the alliance that you’re leaving more than it hurts your enemies
Point is that if you want to quit, just do it. If you want to VM quit, you can put in the bare minimum effort. if you're truly on Vacation even if you’re climbing everest you can still find 60 seconds to hit the “extend vm” button,
Also, if you are alting so that you can vm in one world and still play in another, this would cut down on that need, or maybe vm affects shared connections as well

Maybe Vm is just 14 days per world, still effects all worlds--if you use all 14 days vm while active in world 10, you cant vm in world 15 until 10 is over or you ghost the other world. If you use 7 days in world 10 and world 10 is still open and you're also playing world 15, you could use 7 vm days for both world 10 and 15. Maybe the number is 21 days, just a suggestion and a starting point, might be too complicated.

VM like in wonders, cant protect you in Dom-not sure if this is already in effect, it was not in 110
Cities on wonder islands aren’t safe. Cities on Dom islands should not be safe either; should apply to everyone, not just the “last stand” alliance

VM should not burn up Advisors time-this should be paused-may be a few other things to add here. Advisors cost gold, this should be a courtesy that the advisor should be extended, even if its at a discount/penalty

Perhaps look into a “Car accident mode” (family emergency mode)-Instant VM for only a set amount of time; like a 6, 12 or 24 hour pause. Attacks already launched can land and revolts would go into effect. Some type of penalty upon returning-(kills x% troops, drops random building levels, cant attack for 24/48 hrs after, or militia effect of lower res for 24 hours). Cant be used while a revolts/conquest is active, or maybe revolts are paused/extended. Limit 1 per 60 days or something so its not just hangover mode/dentist appointment mode. Maybe its a 6 hour pause that burns 24 hours vacation time

None of these ideas are set in stone, all are open to suggestions