Vacation Mode Losses

Why is it when I go on Vacation mode my resources stop stockpiling but I lose advisors? I PAY you for advisors. They should be paused as well. I just came back from VM and had to fork out for 3 advisors that had expired while I was away. What surprises me is that I fully expected to see my resources maxed out in all of my cities. I didn't expect everything to be on hold.

Point being, if everything is going to be on hold, then put everything on hold. If everything's not on hold, then don't put everything on hold. ie: If I'm going to have advisors that I pay for tick away then I should be gaining resources. My buildings were completed so they ticked away on the clock as well. So... Advisors run, buildings run, resources do not. Where's the balance in this?



You are not vulnerable while vacation mode is active, but your mines will also not produce any resources. Cities on islands with a World Wonder being built, upgraded, or completed won't be protected during vacation mode. ---- That is what you see when you go to activate vacation mode

In addition, you're unable to get any resources during vacation mode either by your production buildings, or by a trade.

Your advisors will still run even if you go into vacation mode. They will auto renew as long as you have gold in your account. ---- That is what is on the wiki so it is posted and out there for your information


That is exactly the point. The player is frozen out of all time based benefits while in VM, but still pays for the privilege of having the advisors that they can't use.

If I have all 5 advisors, with auto-renew enabled, and go on vacation for a month, I'm out 1000 gold, or roughly $10 in the US.

The suggestion/requested enhancement is to freeze any active advisors (or at least the ones the player has paid for, maybe not ones received in the monthly events) for the duration of VM. It's probably not a lot of money from Inno, and would be very well received by the players.
I have wondered about this for a long time myself. I try to time my vacation mode to coincide with my advisors running out, but i shouldnt have too.

Also the thing that seems unfair, is when peacetime is active for a few days, and your captain or commander is ticking away when you cant even utilize it at all because you cant attack anything.

Combat advisors should be paused while peacetime is active. I never asked for a peace time, i never want a peace time. It is forced upon me, why should my premium product go to waste on something that is not within my control?
Exactly my point. We are penalized in some ways yet benefited in others. It's all to the game's advantage. Advisers run out because they cost us gold. Resources don't add up because they would cause us to have a slight advantage when we return. This game has many points like this. You can gold your way through the game but there's no quick way to farm all of your cities. When you have over 100 cities, this is a major deterrent. You go to the effort to gather resources from your farming villages, even when using the captain and it's still a daunting task. However, if you put your items in the market for gold, someone can buy those resources with no effort on their part. These are the same people that tear you apart but in many cases you need their gold even to simply pay for advisors/advisers. If they can buy resources so easily, why can't we farm our farming villages just as easily? It can take more than an hour later on in the game just to farm, however when these resources are put on the market, the person purchasing for gold spends no time yet purchases these resources with no effort on their part.

The game does whatever it can to get you to purchase gold. Spending advisor time while you're on VM is just another way to do so IMHO. If time stops when you're in VM, then time stops when you're in VM. If you're not at risk for being attacked, can't farm your farming villages, can't build myths, etc. then why be charged for the priviledge to do so by paying for advisors when you can't even access them? Why be denied resources when others can freely purchase them as they desire? Allowing resources to be gained, which really isn't that much to fill up a warehouse, and by charging for advisors when they're not being used is simply a selfish act. When someone comes out of VM, you can guarantee they're already being targeted by someone. Not having the resources to be prepared to rebuild troops instantly while still being charged for advisors we cannot use is a double edged sword. It's not fair on either edge and only causes problems.