US16 - You choose the settings! - Morale

Morale or no morale?

  • Morale enabled

    Votes: 79 38.5%
  • Morale not enabled

    Votes: 126 61.5%

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US16 - You choose the settings!

Morale or No Morale?

A - Morale enabled
B - Morale not enabled?


I want morale. When you don't have it the players who get big fast have one heck of an advantage over the smaller, newer players. Makes it very hard to join such a world significantly later. Keep morale.

Dark Jadus

Wool here has a point it does stop people from being able to run right over does build time and progression..people just want to horde islands horde citys like they do in everything else...people who work who actually spend life outside and not indoors on a computer or there phone should have a chance to play and have the same time and advantages any other player has


If you aren't large enough to defend yourself either join an alliance or be more active... Isn't that the point of the game?


NOt having morale enabled means that there is no protection for the smaller player against the giants.

If you want the world to wither and die in just a few months - fine, otherwise vote for morale.

samantha ward

not everyone can buy or wants to buy currency for games, some of us see it as a waste of money. so for those who buy the crap for their games, grow their stuff alot faster and without morale it would almost become a pay-to-play. im all for morale in that case.


You don't have to pay to get "big"'s that simple. I would rather no morale. ;)


I think of it this way.....
If you have too much on your plate and you can't keep up with the world, then this world is not for you. I understand people have their "personal issues", but there is plenty of other words for you. It looks the world is going to be conquest and if you look, there hasn't been a conquest world released with no morale in quite some time, so I am all for it.


No morale doesn't make the game pay-to-win and it doesn't make it unbalanced towards the little guy. Stop spouting nonsense. :D
There are always ways to defend yourself. Plus, if someone has played for 1 month and you're just joining the world - you're gonna be 1-2 oceans away. Does it matter that he's played more than you? No. That's the whole idea behind Grepolis - whenever you join you won't feel completely overwhelmed and you'll have the chance to advance and conquer. :)
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