US16 - You choose the settings! - Beginner Protection

How long should beginner protection be?

  • 3 days

    Votes: 33 16.4%
  • 4 days

    Votes: 19 9.5%
  • 5 days

    Votes: 29 14.4%
  • 6 days

    Votes: 120 59.7%

  • Total voters
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US16 - You choose the settings!

How long should beginner protection be?

A - 3 days
B - 4 days
C - 5 days
D - 6 days

Dark Jadus

For New Beginnners 6 days is good enough to learn the map to lear your roll in a alliance if so chosen ...6 days gives u a small window to make a city defense..People who need 6 days are people who never played this game or many games like it so advice to them some support is likely to be a game changer and be either more Fun and they progress or they hate it and run away..Me personally 6 days is a perfect shield


Fast speed with long BP could get interesting out of the gates!


6 days is needed for new players to learn the game - especially for people like me that had never played a game like this before. I'm still learning after a month, so I like the 6 days option so you don't end up getting knocked down as soon as you start learning.


I vote for 6 days of protection. It prevents newer players from turning into farms shortly after they start the game.


I guess six days is gonna win. I think that's a lot for a 3x world but, hey, doesn't matter that much.
With 6 days on a 3x world you're definitely running the chance of people reaching conquest before BP is out lol


I vote 6 days. In 3 days, you can't research Conquest or the CS and most of the stuff like that. 6 days gives more time to build and research things without getting attacked.
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