Update to V2.88 - Update


Changelog 2.88

Dear Community,

On Wednesday, June 3rd, Grepolis will be updated to Version 2.88. As always there may be a short time period where the game is unavailable. Please accept our apologies in advance!


On this version we worked on the last details of our next event "Commander of Rome", that will be available on our beta community from 27th of May and will be coming live to our community on the 18th of June.
We also were able to correct some bugs and improve the overhaul stability of the game

New features

Commander of Rome (New amazing summer event!)


- Names in the marketplace table weren't aligned on the left
- Mass recruit does not switch body if header changes
- Added a new award "Supporter of the day".
- In peace time offensive spells are now blocked and not usable on towns.
- Zeus background story wasn't described properly.

We invite you to share your feedback with us at this thread! Happy gaming!

Best regards,
Your Grepolis Team

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trading with he marketplace and farmvillages isn't loading properly it works when you do it, but the loading bar is inverting.