Update to V2.64 - Changelog


Hello players and forum goers,

On Wednesday, June 25th, Grepolis will be updated to version 2.64. A discussion thread can be found here.

As is always the case there may be a short downtime while the update is applied. We apologize for any inconvenience caused.

Below is a list of the changes to be implemented in the update.


  • The Grepolis toolbar that could be hooked to the web browser is no longer supported and has been removed from the game
    Improvements have been made to the tutorial:
    • The first quest of quest line "Tutorial quests" is now automatically accepted when closing the quest window
    • Added a new quest that rewards browser users for trying the app
    • Increased the amount of resources the first town has when starting the game to 250 wood, 250 stone and 250 silver coins
    • Reduced the construction times for the first levels of the senate and storage
    • More tutorial quests are now hinted by the yellow arrow pointing on the quest icon
    • Reduced the recruitment times of the first units of the barrack
    • The quest "Build faster" now requires to upgrade the senate to level 2 instead of 3
    • Removed the guidance for the quest "Expanding Your Influence"

  • Mood of the non conquered farm villages was recovering faster than conquered farm villages
  • When opening a player profile via alliance profile, long names were shortened in the title of the player profile window
  • In the trade overview, the list of trade activities were considering farming villages as normal towns and not as farm villages
  • There were some layout issues for the reports of expired island quests
  • Long player names were covering information in the alliance members list of the alliance profile
  • When assigning a color to a player, the tooltip for the button was missing
  • The fields of the farm weren't changed upon upgrade level in the town overview
  • When there was no free population, no windmill was shown in the town overview
  • Graphical elements were missing on the last upgrade level of the warehouse on hero worlds
  • New messages to a player, who has blocked you, weren't indicated as blocked although they weren't sent
  • After turning from negative to positive population, the population was still shown in red color
  • Advertising for the captain was missing in the loot window
  • The "Go to" function of island BBCode didn't lead to the island view
  • The building level shown in the tooltip of the town overview when mouseovering it was incorrect
  • Information about the resources that ones get when canceling a building order was missing in the tooltip
  • The militia was clickable in units menu on the right, although it has no travel time
  • The shared connection entries list in the settings was empty in some cases
  • Units selection in island quests sub-windows was shifting to a wrong position if the text is too long
  • City foundation state name was not consistent in movements and command overview
  • Confirmation request for spending was displayed even though disabled
  • Jump to current city was centering the island and not the city
  • Messages in the inbox were never deleted
  • There was a JavaScript error when closing sub-window to dispatch units to an island quest
  • Opening the notes, saving locations and buying new inventory slots was not possible when the city is under siege
  • The alliance window was too big
  • Too long alliance name was overlapping the curtain in the profile window
  • The orders list was not working
  • The save location window was empty

Thank You,

Your Grepolis Team