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King Leonidas 3.00

Unstable Spartans will be an alliance made in south-west of the world, most likely in ocean 45. I am a player from the en server, I also play on this server a bit. In the en server I am a veteran player who has been playing for a bit more than 3 years, I am currently running Unstable Spartans in Oropos and we're #1 on every leader board http://www.grepostats.com/world/en60/alliance/6. I won't be bringing any players from there to join here, but i will be bringing a trusted friend who will help me make the alliance. But that doesn't mean there won't be leadership spots left. If you'd like to join the alliance please reply and if you'd like to talk about a pact or NAP with your alliance please message me. Have fun and remember thisisgrepolis

King Leo II

Hope you will come far in this world as well, even though it wasn't you alone who lead Unstable Spartans to the top ;-)
Would be nice to see some of the players from Oropos join as well :)

King Leonidas 3.00

I know, Tres helped a lot. and the merge with you guys.

Are you going to join?

It would be nice to see some from Oropos here, do you know if any are coming?