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Grep Lottery


It is time to put your luck to the test in this week's Grepolis Lottery! We have some great prizes to give out on this week's competition and hope that you enjoy them! This competition will run for one week and will end on 11/27.


This is the Grep Lottery! Each player may choose up to 3 numbers between 1 and 1000; at the end of the week a random number will be chosen. The first 5 players to guess the correct number in any one of their 3 guesses will win a prize! If no one guesses the correct number, 5 random players will be chosen to receive the prize!


  • Players may only guess 3 numbers
  • Numbers must range between 1 and 1000
  • If you post more than once, only the first post will be counted, so include all three guesses in one post.
  • Please include your in-game name & world to receive the prize faster.


5 players will receive the following prizes:

  • LS Re-Enforcement
  • Bir Re-Enforcement
  • 500 Gold
  • Big Land Expansion

Questions or Comments:

If you have any questions or comments please contact me via private message. We look forward to your participation and wish you the best of luck!


Your Grepolis Team
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Congratulations to Two Blades The Rusty , Kyllmen, TG BaardbeiKing, Joseph Nieves, and Annadelle for winning Tyche's lottery!!! They were the first players to pick one of the following numbers: 474, 128, 38, 12, 886.

They will be receiving there prizes shortly. If one of you did not specify what world and account you want the prizes in, please private message me.