Looks like this will be the final hurrah on The Walking Dead's attempt at the loser's crown.

1300 attacks (legitimacy of attacks questionable) makes it interesting. I tuned back in for the finale.

Mac Bolan

KZ glad you could make it back. It was a great sever and that last fight is still finishing the last few attacks. I concede this world is yours. Well played to your team.


Good to hear from you as well Mac.

Definitely a fun world. It is fitting for it to end with a flurry of attacks like this.. Considering the whole server was a big slug fest.


Mac- it was fun, you gave me a few good laughs through our banter, and you had the guts to found in our neighborhood.

someone in the walking dead thinks we didn't win... and then decided not to read my reply to his reality denying statements.

Loved playing, wish I had the real money to keep doing so.