TU/NO Merger


Well, I figured I would do a little write up as this deserves an explanation. The Union is the tightest group of dudes I've had on Grep and in one alliance thus far. We never did anything because it was convenient for ourselves, we did it because it was for the best of the rest of the group. We operated as a well oiled machine and man, I love these guys (and Omni) to death.

NO recently grew close to us as well. Now, this group...I don't know how to explain them. They are truly unique and man, I didn't know what to think at first. They hated me of course, but I expected that. Over time, I know they've grown on me. This group of 15 or so players (more or less) has been really inspiring to show me what a true tight knit group can be and do. Out of all of them, a select few really didn't like working with any of TU at first. But with a little time, a few bumps (mountains) in the road later, and we figured out we were more alike then we wanted to first admit.

This merger was not about necessity. No, this merger was about realizing our common interests stretched much further, as far as common traits and personalities. A player over in NO matched perfectly with one or two in TU (MzC and Lidos lol). As much as we resented each other, I think the tables have turned. I'm excited now. I'm excited to see where this group can go and what we can accomplish together. I couldn't be happier with how things turned out.


Thanks for the explanation, I would have had no idea as to what was happening if you didn't post this.