Trash Talking Thread~US44 Zakros


I thought you quit Grepo, are you playing Zakros now?

anyway could to see that MRAs are still being MRAs


So many noob alliances
... you say noob... like a lot...

I've actually been impressed by EN's attempt to recruit people. Seems like after the generic message he at least tries to offer some insight to his alliance. He may be tring to poach players but hey bp isn't even over and this could be a ploy to get a bp opporunity...

It's still too early to tell anyways who is good and who is "noob" (<-- strong dislike for this word)


Other than the standard MRA 'noobish' invites with no messages (witch BTW I've already gotten 4..) the most 'noob' thing in this world is a freakin trash thread before BP ends.

It's just a digital version of the people who talk loud and want to fight once there's somebody in the middle holding them back.. "If so and so wasn't here right now I'd whoop your butt!"

I'm interested to see which 'trash talker' above actually throws a punch when BP ends. THEN we can have some fun here and call out the 'noobs'

BTW this is my type of thread, just feel dirty talking crap behind Bullet Proofing (BP:))
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Kuro Okami

Hello Zakros Posters,

I have been seeing some people either going off-topic or posting some spam. I have already edited some of the posts in here and will begin to delete if the spam continues. Please stay on-topic with trash talking about someone.

Kuro Okami


They should change the name of this world to N00bland.

I swear I've never seen so many n00bs in one place at the same time.


Hey, stop complaining, new servers come up so often here :(

Inno doesn't like the .en servers, they now release a new one once every 5-6 months lol. Though with the way the server is going so far, I expect some people to be conquer ready by the end of BP.


It's ok. You can make it up. Give us a speed 4/4 world for Valentine's day to show us how much you love your players. We can overlook the settings here if you make that happen
Yes, I will buy all the gold in grepo (even though I cant afford it) if you open a 4/4 world!
Also in tribal wars they have speed rounds, we should have something like that here too!!! :D


what is wrong with there being a lot of beginners?(I did not use noob) we were all beginners at some point. and some of us have learned more and have more time to play. besides I like teaching people what i know. (it makes me feel special).


Indeed....Actually being taught is actually a way for people to get better and stay in the alliance lol.


lol i love how eviction notice is actually trying to say they're the real eviction notice, when they are so mra.
i ehard they're allying kaos, is that true? that would be pretty frickin funny,, 1 as EN wouldnt ally numebr 2, and 2 as this: If you have signed up to play this game, this is an act of war.

If you are playing this game under any banner besides ours, this is an act of war.

If you are located on an island with a member of ours, this is an act of war.

If you refuse to hand over your city, this is an act of war.

is their profile.

either way they are totally noob(not a bad thing in most cases). they are ruining the name of a great alliance, kinda disappointing.

also i was talking with one of their leaders, and i after i poked a hole in his argument, he just said thanks that's funny, and blocked me.
lol blocking. very mature(lalalala i cant here you). Not like i was spamming him.

well, they'll collapse anyways, so who cares.
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Yea they arent the real eviction notice... First off Druid has less grepo skills then my desk does... I think my desk actually stands a better chance of leading an alliance then he does. Case in point Naxos... Second off, no great alliance is gonna want to be 140 members before bp ends and then start an academy... That screams noob...