Trash Talk.


Thanx that some understand 100 attacks in 20 seconds freezes up your computer and you can't boot empties' I'll take the 140k BP as a consolation prize


Your team sent you D and BARELY stopped me, again you are a simmer \turtle weakling. Look at your pathetic BP
team sent you D and BARELY stopped me,
Movado's CS was entirely me. The second CS was entirely me with the exception of 48 trirs. The third CS and the clearing in front got sunk by 160 birs I built with a nereids I got from Corwin.

And for the record, you still didn't get shit after the third CS.

Oh, and I only sim because none of you guys have offense so there's nothing for me to do.

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Y'know, before you complain and say something like "no you're lying" have

And just for good measure have



I'll be nice and hide the name of the player.... but just so everyone is clear, this is a war game. You're going to get attacked, and if you show weakness I'm going to keep attacking you. But if you send me a message whining about being attacked... I'm definitely going to keep attacking you.

If you don't like playing a game where you have to defend yourself, go play Sim City.

N today at 10:08
you are not a nice person and have not game ethics and boarding on harrass ment . yes its a game but go pick on some one else. peeps like you are why this game is going to shit