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Rip Hunter

lol I suck at Simming dwarfs into decent cities, I usually forget about them and then fill the queue every 3 days when I remember that I had that city lol

Joseph Nieves

tbom9 turned into a simmer? caught up to him in ABP.
Excuse you, he was never anything else.

defensive bp doesn't matter.
Idk you seem to be seeking it.

Are you preparing for an apocalypse? If so, make sure to check the nuclear bunker twice a day. Last thing you want to do is go in when the day comes and find out there's only 2 days worth of food down there, or that the door doesn't close properly.


i don't seek it but you guys had your second account lmd attacking me so i wanted to make sure to kill what she was sending.


Staff member
@chudd I never mentioned the word joking any where in my post.

Joking and having fun are a must in these forums.

Suggesting that people are using second accounts to attack you is a matter that requires reporting, so that Support can catch those involved.

The place to do that is opening a ticket to Support not posting it in the forums.

Feel free to PM me if you wish to continue this conversation.



i guess i should start leaving my alliance and trading bp with other people too.
I already told you in PMs, my BP jump was from personally killing 100k DLU in a siege on us by pigs. So what if I left after said siege to get full BP on clearing and conquering an internal