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your entire ally is trash, everyone knows it, and you guys will sink so fast, your conquest attempt at us sucked, no one in your ally did timed attacks nor support, and after YOUR CS got eaten your own players got angry and sent attacks and hit their own support, need i say more?
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Maybe not fun for you, but it is fun for us. In other news, We have taken two cities off the dogs in the last couple days, and each time they kicked the player instead of sending support. I guess that is one way to pad your alliance stats.


Here is another good PM exchange for your enjoyment, first let me put the comment I made on the internal forum here, so people can see how this started. Said comment made by me was:

"Now if this was revolt, and you weren't maxing your wall in every city I would want to know wtf was wrong with your head."

The above was made on a thread discussing wall levels.

Now Wycked Sister deemed that "insulting someone". Shortly after which she left the alliance. So I PM'ed here asking why she left, below is the exchange that followed. Again, read bottom to top.

"Wycked Sister today at 08:52
You must have a guilt complex as nowhere did I mention your name.
Hypothetical Insult?...what a phrase there Donald.

You really dont know when to stop or even how to discuss anything with anyone.
BadIdeas today at 08:47
I would laugh, but I don't think you are joking.

If you are offended by a double conditional hypothetical insult, one condition of which is impossible to meet, then you must lead a miserable life.
Wycked Sister today at 08:23
Personally, I choose not to be with people that feel they can insult others to make themselves feel more important.
BadIdeas today at 01:54
I notice you left Good Intentions and are now soling, might I ask why?"

Now I personally find that exchange hilarious for two reasons
1. I never said it was my comment that led to her leaving, so it was her assumption that I was talking about my comment, and yet she accuses me of having a "guilty conscience" for assuming such, when she herself did so.
2. She calls me "Donald" in reference to Donald Trump, which is clearly intended to insult me. Lol, double standards much?

I was going to point those two things out to her, but sadly she blocked me. So sad *sniffle*
Personally I see someone calling me Donald as a compliment!!! S


Not too hard to figure out who I am, not sure the players name but it was two days ago. Player is gone now and threads are deleted so I lost his name lel. Check your lost player log.