Trash Talk


Now now VE don't poke the bear. It absolutely took more then a few weeks for Eviction to get to where they are now. In fact, things were looking very challenging early on with #2 ZEP sharing islands with us at #12, WDM to the south, #2 BOTH to the west and some french weirdo's to the east. Our position was not gifted or easily won, it was earned. But to you're point, you guys certainly do matter. To BB's point TG mattered too :). Those guys took a massive beating and held together for quite some time, respect to them. Respect to BK as well for becoming #3, it's certainly an accomplishment considering Havoc has been merging in every alliance on the server since day 1 and still can't hit #3 lol. In the end, time will tell if relevance is a gift or a curse.


I hope Eviction makes this world interesting and decides to fight WDM and WTS. Otherwise this world is over and Eviction is walking hand or hand (or on a leash depending how you look at it) with WDM and WTS to a Crown.;)

This is what we have done with crusan in the when the summer began. But then I have been betray by those I have given the power. Sad.


Eviction sucks. Hows that for trash talk?!? Ya.... Sucks!!