Trash it

baby bear

I mean lets be realistic ....No name? I think the lat time they won a world was cus we let them share the crown in kos right? With that said they can nap everybody lol....1 crown and cus it was handed to them...not luck in Edessa,Koss, and the last world we played with them lol...
That would be another Body Shamer victory world called Myonia
that is a mighty fine looking core you have there, MRAfia

it'd be a shame if someone were to invade it lol

in fact that would be bad news bears. 44-1 bad news bears in fact lol

cmon guys, .en is SOOOO good. can they internalize 3 cities in .en ? apparently not lol

Ill play with/against any player in the world any time day or night.
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