Top 8: Sink or Swim


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Geeze @Zeeker348 . Liking a post from a dirt ball who DOX's people is not what I expected from you. Not a good look. That's real life dirt ball stuff. Having fun with the back and forth about this world is different and all part of the game. Lets stick with that.


Brother you are almost two weeks late on that one, get with it and stop trying to stir up old drama. That isn't RaKer regardless, as we already discussed and revealed months ago it is some troll impersonating him for attention. And his comment regarding you is true, so it gets a like :)


Tbh I didn’t think it sounded like Ray, more like pg, Ray wouldn’t have spoke much and he’d have definitely posted belles content again if it were him. Pg still a bad troll but the pig meat comment in last deleted thread is what pg said few times before, Ray is more action than insults. But pg is friends with him so let’s not end up getting Ray in here lol or forum’s probably get closed down.

Think it be good if zeek and ark played as co founders on the same team lmao