Top 3


Here you say who you think are the top 3 alliances but you cannot pick your own. this is mine:
1.Futurus Sanguis
3.The Delian Academy
yup thats right the academy lol they have kenny and walter which make them (in my opinion) better than the elite


there is no other thread that does this. may be similar but not like this. make your list


ok i wanna make a minor change
2.The Delian Academy
Dexter, get kenny and walter in the elite already, they would be great additions to your alliance

Lord Gruntie

Guys, please keep this thread for actually discussing the Top 3, otherwise I shall have to close the thread and start handing out infractions.

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Da best ever

1. FS
2. Delian Academy (Would have put limitless, but that is my alliance)
3. Delian Elite


I like The Delian academy better...because kenny and walter are such great players, they would make an extremely strong alliance just by themselves...


I wouldn't put the academy in the top 3 since there's a lot of inactives


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give him a break.



Can't pick my own... that does stretch me out of my comfort zone.
(1. GodofFreedomandPeace-UAP - Even though this is a war / strategy game, I appreciated the fact that one alliance wanted to go against the current with what their alliance stated / represented. At the very least - I respected what I read from their profile, and Blue777 seems like a pretty stand up guy.
(2. Pirates of Balls Deep - Judge what you will from their alliance name - the leader Cam4BuckEyes was very welcoming to me and a great neighbor to have when I first started in infancy. He sent me a letter, and even offered me aid when I was already with The Deadly Islands (at the time). That shows class. Unfortunately, he perished from the game completely and left the game because of it.
(3. Futurus Sanguis - Sure, they are the enemy - but there's a reason why no one cares when some other enemy alliance hits the scene - unless it's FS - because they have this recurring theme of slashing lines through the font of their carefully written hit-list, and when you click on it and see that there are only 4 members - when you knew they had 120 - it's systematic and strategic planning - which regardless if they're the enemy or not - I respect that. Which is why I posted an ad on Craigslist asking that any and all chess champions please register to Grepolis and join our clan to deal with their strategic a--s lol. =P