Top 12


Dang what a slow world with even slower response to anything. World is moving like a snail jammed in a keyhole. We all know who is going to win, only real wild card could be Tomado Muerto and who they pact with

2War Dogs2390401949487837
3War Dogs II1262613449257676
4-Necessary Evil-1203441247256051
5Tomado Muerto1031876832322462
6Flat Earth Society619579550123916
7Shawnee - Wolf Clan564790732176497
8Shawnee - Bear Clan474220636131728
9Shawnee-Immortal Clan453455839116271
10Guard Dogs24636082598544

So we'll start from the top and group all the MRA's together

1) (sWIN) TBD the winners for the world, a multi pact still hasn't brought them down even a level. Will need a major ally to lock in WW.
2) (Float than sink) War Dogs, War Dogs II, Guard Dogs; Hemorrhaging Cities and top fighters. Selling out quicker than Charmin 18 packs at Walmart with half the durability. LOTS of cannon fodder to feed to the real fighters before a HEAVY SINK. A good partnership could easily strike this back to life given location of the majority of the team.
4) (Swim) -Necessary Evil- (NAP?) with TBD? Working together in some formats. Big swings in the last 72 hours, we'll see where they land. Grabbing cities and losing few, not in a bad place for the current standings of the world.
5) (Float) Tomado Muerto (NAP?) with TBD? clearly not working together, but not against each other either. Could be the game decider based on their location surrounding TBD's entire rear flank depending on the rim teams skill level and eagerness to make a name for themselves.
6) (SINK) Flat Earth Society is as profound as their name...not at all. They are flat lining and are all but gone for the world
7) (SINK) Shawnee & Co. Ranks 7,8,9, and 11 I believe. They have the numbers but do they have the grit? No, they don't have that either. Just a bunch of noobs joining an open inivite with no clear objective to their game. Simple and Tastey food for any and all those around.