Top 12

Ooh....yay, fun! Do keep me posted, It's good for my mental sanity to know that Rogue isn't killing everyone yet. It'd also be good for my mental sanity to be back on this game.....*Glares at the top left of screen, waiting for it to be tomorrow*.
Top 12..Updated!
1.Rogue-Swim, already explained in the original one
2TBD-Swim, have some HEAVY Golders in their team, but so does Rogue.
3.Rogue 2-Same as US83, most of their players will get eaten or tossed, the lucky ones will go to Rogue, and this group will get jack.
4.Damage Inc.-Float for now, unless TBD murders them. They're doing a pretty good job right now
5.Enemy Mine-Swim, they're pretty large and powerful
6-War Dogs-Sink, it's a big group of the US83 quitters, even has Emperor
7.Nemean Lions/Lernaen Hydras- Float, I know pretty much nothing about them.
8.Shawnee whatever-sink, get absorbed, whatnot
9.Immortal Elite-Who?Sink
10.Silence- Sink, get absorbed just like last time, or get turned into a sister alliance.
11.Alliance-It's an Alliance. An MRA.Sink
The others aren't worth the #12 spot, bunch of useless things


Alliances 1-10 pretty much all pact up. I'm barely running a top 30 alliance and when attacking one of the pact crybabys in the top 10 this is the letter I get lol. keep in mind, I'm pretty much a 1 man alliance and this is from a top 5 WITH a sister. this world is a big ole cuddle fest, also why I stick to the EN server.

'Hey mate

You are attacking one of our members (....).

Stop attacking or we will turn our attention to your whole alliance.

We are not ENEMIES yet.
Continue to attack our member and you will be our enemy very quickly.

Hope we can work this out without WAR.

Your choice.

Salute '
Lol, Rogue? Bunch of sissy pacters?They obviously can't be bothered with your scrubby little nobody alliance! True, this world is a HUGE cuddlefest, but I can't wait until Rogue and TBD start golding it out. um golding? I mean battling. DEFINETLY without golding thousands of troops.