Top 12


Me too!! I'm in Steves group also. I pity the rest of the server, though.


No dark krystal .
I needed a break now , i have played 4 concecutive servers and i am beat lol .. :)
Currently playing in En server and will finish that one then we will see what the future brings :)

I hopw this server will be good though the US needs a good competetive server now.

Just hope it wont be a pact and hugg fest line the previous ones have been.

All teams go for the winn and fight :):)


Killer Clowns already losing players? That's unexpected and protection hasn't ended yet


Not really. I have seen it happen at least once. Shellayne started a Civil war in Predators on Kos and divided the alliance before BP ended.

But it doesn't happen often and I really didn't expect it in a Premade


Imagine a game where so many players think they are the best. Players' ego will always be their downfall. I don't know what happened, but no doubt it was a clash of egos.


I always try to keep it simple, I come for war. I missed out on the ego shenanigans if that indeed was the cause. However I believe external forums tend to stoke fires. That is where I always see egos.


The external do stoke fires, and egos run wild here. But I personally don't take what anyone here says too seriously. Trash talk is part of the game. When someone takes that ego into the game is when the problems start.


1. Toronto Raptors- Swim, until the playoffs. They always struggle when it comes to playoffs, and I don't see it going too much differently this year. I bet they make it to the conference finals though.

2. Milwaukee Bucks- Swim. They are a solid team with probably the best player in the league Giannis. Although I think that they need to find another superstar to pair up with Giannis before they win a title.

3. Indiana Pacers- Sink. They are overplaying right now and they will start to fall off after the all-star break, but props to Oladipo for making the team a top 5 team for now.

4. Philly 76ers- Swim, until the playoffs. They will fall in the playoffs, they have too many issues within their team with Jimmy Butler, Ben Simmons shooting, etc... where Joel Embiid is their only consistent star. They will collapse in the playoffs.

5. Boston Celtics- Swim. I am biased, being from New England. Celtics have so many weapons, they will figure it out by the playoffs like last year.

6. Miami Heat- Sink, they aren't a very skilled team and the fact that they are 6th shows that the east is horrible.

7. Brooklyn Nets- Swim. Although they don't have the most talent, they have a lot of gritty players and good role players. D-low is doing a great job leading the team.

8. Charlotte Hornets- Swim. The Hornets will rise in the standings our sit where they are, but they will be in the playoffs 110%.

9. Orlando Magic- Sink. A European center that isnt even a top 5 center is your superstar... not going too far.

10. Pistons- Swim. They are underperforming this season, they will finish in the top 8 and make the playoffs.

11. Wizards- Swim. They have too much talent to not make the playoffs, come on John Wall.

12. Hawks- Sink. Trae Young can't do it all.


Unexpected indeed, Im sure their are more top 12s to come once bp is over.


Hell yea brother! The Celtics will win it all this year, the Red Sox already did, the Bruins will win it all, and you best believe the Pats are going to win the superbowl.
Yeah I went to the Red Sox parade, that was awesome. Bruins are getting robbed as they are the best team in the league and just underperform in the playoffs. The pats need to end the dynasty on a good note, if Tom gets a 6th this year or the next he needs to retire.

May not be from Boston, but I'm from southern border of NH so gotta agree there!
All of New England is welcome to the Boston sports teams, it's just it would be better if you lived in MA and the Pats went back to being called the Boston Patriots