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Joseph Nieves

Ya we smell, no one wants to be our friends anymore.. Then again we only used to have a single friend anyways. If you are talking about the multiple branches, I cut that shit out ASAP or at least I tried...
I don't know a lot, but I know one thing. It will definitely be harder to make friends after bailing out on that joint Op with Ingsoc.

We have 4 branches now!
I applied to one but I can't find the leave alliance button to join them :(

Grepo Mauler

pigs... is good... if they don't stop getting on mauls islands... they are doomed. Also everyone talking except Zeek sucks... So stop. If you were as active in game and not forum you'd might have a chance to do something. Until then.... please just stop...
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We are actually by ourselves :)
Tell that to all the MMs you guys send to LEX when we siege you guys, and all the LTS troops they stack in your cities. They are doing all the work for you, you guys suck.

BTW, thanks for 54 Armageddon, looks like LEX isnt helping this time!

Joseph Nieves

We are actually by ourselves :)

I hope one day Jason stops lying to you, quite clear you believe anything the man tells you. Even when facts show the opposite.

Do you want MMs next or Lex player testimony? Or my message with Jason where he says he goes to Lex for help? I can do all that if it helps you become enlightened :)