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Nah thats not true at all, the quitters quit when the bans hit. Just accelerated their eventual quitting. It heated up during and after for a long while. World died when everyone teamed up on WD and WD finally died.

Grepo Mauler

yes.. its true. it made more than 10 of the best Grepo players in that world leave. Many of who didnt even get banned merely left because they got banned in another world or their friends got one. When Inno bans half a alliance thats ranked 2nd in the world for 3-6 days... The world falls off. Those that stayed i would not call "competitive" grepo players. However to each their own i guess
LOL Grepo Mauler ok a bit full of yourself.. I never got a ban in my whole playing days whether inno or bc i botted or cheated. 3 to 6 days is not a reason to throw in the towel, your alliance mates could have covered you like we did when it hit a few of our guys and i am sure WD did as well and others. I have a list of the best and you are not on it, i do not give the tittle the best to golders, quitters or whiners.
Back to the matter here this world has had a lot of action and some dead spots, its all how you make it....

Grepo Mauler

Al you suck... Maul the best! while you type here to feel good about yourself... you must realize no one knows you nor cares about your crap game play. So sit down young one. Last thing you want is Maul.

Most of ALL when your playing in a world with not ONE actual GOOD or known player.
I should but can't lol, mauler haven't you quit mult servers & rimmed here ? ...
And a serious question what alliance was 2nd at that time and at war with wd...?
Also Mips spy helped take down wd but yes a combined effort was needed and WDs leader Antk ghosting sealed the deal... As well as Roo And yes i guess i have to mip lol.
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