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Ajay man you can't go without dignity huh... You went VM once before bc your team let you down and you more so cmon stop running your mouth. Un like MIP we do not run into VM in mass and quit, we had a rough spot on our climb thus far but instead of tucking tail we fought.
As far as what i posted its all true, got the proposal so Jryan56 screen shot or not was true, Took it down tho bc do not want MIP members too leave bc their leaders were going too hang them out too dry.. Want too save this world not destroy it
No one gave any feeds and that was a mis understanding i was at work saw he left and talked too him it was a mis communication. Who is the 2nd spy lol? you said another ?

Again nothing was given too us player did say he hated his brief time there tho
LOL that is the person i was talking about Ajay read my comment fully, we received no live feeds and if he destroyed yours it was not done by any ROO order.
Your right there are players seeking only a win or a crown but ROO and ROO2 have had the same players save ex wders from the beginning only we can keep ours lol. MRA alliance i think you do not understand that term tho, bc we have 2 alliances same players pretty much , where is the MRA angle ?
I know tragedies can occur RL issues etc this is a game and if another is going thru something we should respect that bc never know when you need it. RL comes first and foremost and i tell all my guys and gals too use the VM time take breaks refresh bc it is a long game and it can get intense and you can burn out (always happens). Its why i have a lot that make it in the end a lot because of using VM time need to refresh time too time.


As far as what i posted its all true, got the proposal so Jryan56 screen shot or not was true, Took it down tho bc do not want MIP members too leave bc their leaders were going too hang them out too dry.. Want too save this world not destroy it
I’m kinda curious where you got your “facts” on PITA forming. Care to share?
Jryan its nothing bad on PITA's part i would do the same (capitalize on a bad situation) but it goes to how deceptive MIP is. I posted what i posted then took it down bc i do not want players to see that and ghost or leave bc it would affect regular members.

And if i am the Reason many players are staying good, maybe that is my plan all along
First i assume nothing 2nd i stand behind that statement, if i was as deceitful as MIP tried too be i would have accepted the pact deal offered too me but i am not (they are good tho). I ceased fire on 3 players in MIP, not just 2. One player during that cease fire was playing in another world and Number 1 in that world all the while claiming cannot play here (fishy)..
I have no quarrels with you personally but you keep taking jabs, now i know you are doing this bc a your butt is soar from the azz whooping we are giving you guys and 2 to get a rise out of me or anyone on here for that matter.
The proof i have is my own business and my fellow leaders and team mates too which i shared it with, will not share it with you.

A teaser " we bring in certain players from MIP then pact then turn on the rest of MIP together" If i accepted the offer of a pact this would have happened no question or doubt about it...


Because you are scared lmao . If you make any statement, be ready to face it. I said only some aspects of that ss and not everything.

Check your butt before looking at my butt.

AI strategy that has to be taken notes of to become a greatest leader in grepolis:

ROO starts taking in players from WD even though we were in agreement not to take any of them in and when questioned, persephone just says other ROO leader did and she doesn't know anything about it (she plays a nice game there).

As a rebound, MIP leaders take everyone else in because its the only way they thought could fight when you guys started betraying MIP as soon as WD fell apart.

I don't even have to mention how ROO was sneaking in to O44 and persephone brings her pets in the form of Bloodbath reborn from en world to surround MIP in north, east and south. even though there was a pact in the past. At the same time our players offered our cities in O45 but you guys never had any respect for the pact and max18 reserves a city and takes near our core.

As soon as MIP takes players from WD, ROO breaks the pact immediately and starts sieging our players when we thought of having a week's time of cease fire ( again persephone plays a game here that some other leader from ROO has ended the pact and she acts innocent everytime that she stood by her word and immediately leaves the skype group and you follow ).

Yet again you have no dignity of handing of cities that were taken by wilcox, cheverlyboy in our core when they betrayed us. I have absolute respect for Achilies only one who handed off cities that he took from me in this regard and no one else deserves it

This shows your strategy of deceiving and entering our zone.

After the whole thing AI keeps blabbering that MIP betrayed ROO. Nice embellishment brother.

Caption for your teaser:
A lie lied 1000 times will become a truth :p

Go and fight in the game and try not taking only inactives.

OK Sllllooooowwww down because sooooooo much of this is false!!!!!

First, I have no clue who any of those players in Bloodbath are, so I'm not sure what pets you are referring to. I'm completely baffled where you go that info from. I don't even play on the EN server. The only people I brought here were those who came with me (total like 4 in the beginning and Arwarld later on.) So there's that...

2nd, the one player we took in who supposedly caused you guys to take in every single person from WD was Ghost. The only reason I seen that as acceptable because I was told of his real life issues and I have a soft spot oK damn. So then MIP takes in every single person and we got like 3 or 4 from WD and we were still kicking ass....soooooo there's that too.

3rd as for digitdawg Ajay I will forward you my conversation with him. He felt out of place and joined MIP I guess because the heat was on him. I messaged him and said that was not a way to just leave and BYE (persephone sarcasm)...He then messaged me back his reason and I simply said we can move you around to another area. I shouldn't be disclosing that but I don't like anyone calling me or my teammates liars. He shared nothing in our forum nor with us of what he seen and I will put my life on that!!!!!

Funny how the tables turn and now we are the bad guys but yet it was alllllll done to us first. We said our piece in the beginning and then fought our asses off to show we would still fight no matter what the odds were against us. Then the current player who joined us were brought in because they did not feel at home with MIP. No one wants to play a game where they don't feel welcomed.

You guys are taking this waaaaaaaayyyyy out of hand. Just go into grep and battle like you are suppose to. What the hell is wrong with you all????


OH and another thing, as for players in 44, EVERY SINGLE TIME you guys whined to me about them reserving certain cities I stopped them and messaged them. We were trying to create a front to work with MIP against WD but if all fell apart faster than we could do anything about it. So please stop trying to find an argument because there is none!


"As soon as MIP takes players from WD, ROO breaks the pact immediately and starts sieging our players when we thought of having a week's time of cease fire ( again persephone plays a game here that some other leader from ROO has ended the pact and she acts innocent everytime that she stood by her word and immediately leaves the skype group and you follow ). "

I forgot this part.... So we took in a few players and declined a ton based out of respect for MIP, when I seen MIP was taking in every Tom Dick and Harry there was I seen that you guys were all for yourselves and I dropped out of our skype chat. No need for me to be there any longer since you guys were basically doing whatever you wanted. Cease fire ended when there was a misunderstanding over some siege that was attacked because of lack of shared reservations or communications on who was ally and foe.....I honestly don't remember the details there, its been a while now, but it was a misunderstanding and not a ROO free for all on MIP. Plus we were still the underdog at the time and you guys thought you had it all wrapped up after that.

Ok my rant is over, but seriously Ajay I thought you were better than that, I'm not sure where all this animosity is coming from. I know you've told me before you like to stir the pot, but damn you broke out the whole black and decker electric mixer!!!

I'm a psychology major and everything is about perception. No one can change your perception on the situation as you cannot change mine either. So again, take it all out in grep if you feel some type of way.
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You as a leader should send an MM to your players about it and not to respond everytime to our whining or what ever you call it. We didn't keep track of each and every city that was being taken in 44 by ROO, else you would have got more requests. We believed you guys and never said a word except once when i told you I will snipe "max18" cs in our core.

Psychology or sociology doesn't matter to me. If i didn't do anything wrong, I am confident about it and that's all.

I will answer to your other points after waking up tomorrow.

Sorry, I think I used your govt name in one place. let me edit that really quick.

I won't play with shitty backstabbing players in a server. In case i come, i'll only spam both of you. Get ready to turn off your alarms.
That's nice Ajay, I'm not sure what your issue is because I never did a thing to you. We had a nice conversation not that long ago, not sure where the change of heart happened. I'm not discussing this anymore or putting anymore effort into it. All I know is we were turned on first and now all of a sudden the tables turn and somehow we are the bad guys. Don't understand the logic but oh well, everyone perceives the situation differently. And I know for a fact I have played honestly and more than fairly since the beginning of this world. If I was such a shitty backstabbing player I wouldn't have given cease fires to ill players even after finding out that I was talked about severely in a sexist manner as well as bringing up the fact that I'm a mother and can easily be bullied out of the game. Kind of low blow conversations about me, but I still looked past it!

I wish you well!!!
Agreed there are some real good female warriors, we have a few. I am done arguing silly points our alliance stats, history and where we came from speak for themselves. There is still plenty of fight left in this server tho I will say time is ticking, Grepo always changes.
I hate that this thread has been bogged down by nonsense....


1 War Dogs - Swim - My alliance so I won't say much. Definitely a top contender. Still early stages so anything can happen.
2 Multum in Parvo - Swim - Next top dog and WDs biggest contender. Once again we will see what happens with time.
3 Bad Intentions - Sink/Merge - Only thing keeping them afloat is MIPs help. I can see them slowly going into multiple alliances and the only way out for them would be to merge into MIP *imo*
4 Reign of Osiris - Sink - Who?
5 Chaotic Animals - Sink - Scattered and getting whooped
6 MOUNTAIN WARRIORS - Float then Sink - Picked up a bunch of Mayhem players. Will like to see if this changes anything but I believe they will be brutally murdered by MIP/WD
7 Reign of Osiris 2 - Sink - Sad..
8 Outcast - Sink
The Club - Sink
The Family - Sink
the 300 - Sink

Looking back and this makes me sad. Everyone but ROO is dead XD Guess my initial prediction was a bit off :p
Honestly Zeek not a bad prediction way back no one could predict Ank going hostile or MIP folding like paper mache, MW worse then ever and BI did merge.... ROO prediction was off but if I have to be fair back then I think we were small so I would prob say the same but add a Float (Sink/Float) . Grepolis is hard to predict so many twists and turns even on a world like this...