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Final Thoughts:
When times get tough, time attacks better - trust on your teammates more - scrape the BP where ever you can - clean internals if you must -

Join war dogs when they were #1, Join MIP when they were #1, Join RoO when they were #1....
What will your next flag color be? You said it best.... whomever is currently "One* :)"
Funny that you constantly joined the #1 instead of them joining you... and then like clock work, implosion...

Maybe RoO really is the best place for you with history as our guide... Who knows maybe Al will open a leadership spot for you there and the rest of world with have a fighting chance again? What'd you say Al??

"Do you choose to not take cities, because you prefer to found them? Do build exclusively Light Ships?

Come on down to PITA!" Party1234

Dang, so close! Im exclusively Fire Ships... maybe next time.

p.s. hopefully the playful banter speeds this world up a little!!!
So lets break this down a bit.

I joined this world for gold and teach a college buddy of mine how to play the game (RIP he quit on me, such a shame). I never had any intention of playing it through. I got into a beef with a couple players, namely Mauler and decided to stay. I joined WD when invited and stayed the entire duration of the alliances lifespan. I was one of the main supporters and sent to every siege break no matter how stupid the break was because I am a team player. WD collapsed over night and this is all a broken record at this point.

I attempted to join ROO but was rejected due to an agreement between them and MIP. MIP then broke this too invite me. I never felt at home there and was used alongside my team. We were the only ones doing squat there. Siege after siege the same group sent and the leaders hid behind the lines. The fighters were coming the fighters were coming. As they came they were immediately taken. People started hiding in VM and moving to fight Prussia because they were a real threat. Top teir alliance material here.

We left to join ROO when ROO was not even close to #1. So that is an ignorant statement and any player who has played here can agree. Since then it has been a blood bath.

If WD had not collapsed I would still be there fighting the world like I was before hand with the rest of our awesome team.

Cant wait to start getting close to PIT(A)ful and showing you how lame you all really are.


And yes I tried to find holes in your game from stats because I have never actually faced you so I have nothing else to go off of xD But that might eventually change :)

In the long run hope you stay alive longer and hold up more then MIP has


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Zeeker, honestly I respect the game you have played here. Despite the fall of WD there have been some that have not ghosted and ensured this world did not turn into a total waste... I had been following this world closely (waiting for a good US revolt world to open... which seem like it has a chance to open actually!) You simply intended to paint a picture of me out to be a simmer... and I came back with evidence of the contrary.

To find the holes in the stats you have to look a little deeper than the profile page sometimes lol I will agree my profile stats are laughable and indicative of the first 6 weeks in a simmers alliance that I am still trying to catch up on now.

So lets break this down a bit.
We left to join ROO when ROO was not even close to #1. So that is an ignorant statement and any player who has played here can agree. Since then it has been a blood bath.

If WD had not collapsed I would still be there fighting the world like I was before hand with the rest of our awesome team.

Cant wait to start getting close to PIT(A)ful and showing you how lame you all really are.
The great thing about a numbers game - I don't have ask "any player who has played here" we can literally check the numbers and find out....

You left on the 17th and at the point MIP was with in 30,732,016. RoO was at 28,053,955. Now if you really want me to crunch the numbers and add MIP 2 and RoO 2 together you will get an even more CLEAR picture that ROO was in-fact the top alliance. To further mute the point, by the 19th RoO was the #1 alliance and has remained throned since then. To say you "left for the number 1 alliance" is a matter of fact - NOT a matter of what it felt like at the time, or what other players would be willing to agree too... It is the way it went.
And to say "not even close"... I wonder what close would be considered 1 player swap? That is all it took for RoO to move from 2 to 1. (As if 2 is already not "close" to one!?) Again when we attack with words like ignorant and evidence does not support us... we are again left owning our own insult.

If WD had not collapsed perhaps you would have stayed and fought, perhaps not. We will never know.

Again, I respect your game play - obviously a great grepo... but, when we talk history... lets stick to the truth. Regardless of how it "looks" or you "feel" about the way this world went. There are facts that can be followed, at its core it's ALL numbers and they tell a story. Everyone has their reasons for leaving or shaking things up!! When a pattern emerges and someone catches it you can't just say "nope, that didn't happen". The numbers are the numbers

I do hope we can tango a little in this world, if not this one maybe down the road some place! (or in the new Revolt that is on the horizon!)

One thing your missing Iwilson, zeeker has never in my yrs playing against him or in the same world been an alliance jumper. WAR DOGS collapse was sudden and too be honest you should know this since you knew MIP before i did, their leaders are not the best and treated others poorly. So yeah history will show he switched too MIP then too us it does not uncover the real reasons.
That side Iwilson the way our war with MIP is going we should reach you guys in 2 months


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Certainly, I am aware Zeeker’s reputation is not in question. There are those with personal tiffs, but in a war game it happens. When you back a small dog like myself into the corner, and come at me... I have a little bite - hope my banter didn’t cross a line.
Bp and internal shaming/bashing is simply a cheap and ineffective means of insulting a persons game play. It should be used carefully and ONLY when the stats share the same an exacting story. This is a sore spot of mine - if my scars are showing I apologize, sincerely if I crossed a line.

MIP Leadership:
I’m unsure what you mean as it refers to MIP leadership? Maybe this a shot in the dark from you to learn intel? Not to show my hand early - but, I did not, nor do I now - know the leadership... I can confess to hearing some horror stories... but everyone has one of those from the other side??

Wonder time:
Al we will see you crossing the oceans before this world ends I have little doubt... and I imagine at that point it will matter little... The writing is clearly on the walls - even someone as dense as I can’t miss it!

My disappointment clearly stated in 2 parts:
I did believe that a couple of the MIP defectors (Zeeker chiefly among them) could have made this world interesting by standing and fighting. But as the new revolt world opens It will give them move time to focus two places. I recognize that and the “real reasons” we all know.

Likewise, to think that the smaller alliances in this world won’t play a factor is outrageous, they are already pacted with RoO and will feed come wonder time. Al and the RoO leadership team have masterful waded these waters. Giving them strategic places to move, using them as a buffer. As long as the push north continues - and there is enough to eat... there will be no issues.

Concluding thought
That writing was on the wall well before PITA was ever founded. Which again, if we could see it - how could those that joined NOT see it. Three options ghost, join, or accept that fighting will mean losing... And as a world domination game joining is easiest option! However, as a non-golder fighting is WAY too much fun! Sure guns lose some but we are going to have a blast in this world until it ends!

More of a Suggestion:
We play a family game at holiday where we each write something on a slip of paper fold it and place it in a hat. Then split up into even teams, a moderator reads the slips of paper - then each team has a guess of which player placed the slip of paper. When guessed correctly, the player must join the other team. And the team guesses again. The next team has to reveal a new player before guessing an already correctly guessed player. At the end one “team” has all the players and that ORIGINAL founding members are the winners - not everyone who joined the team?? Grepolis should take a lesson from this with the badges.
I am excited to see the new domination settings, however my loop-hole brain is already catching some strategies.
Let me address ajay first bc its laughable, the spy was before my time as leader i came to know about him when i took over. Even then he did very little for Roo was more MIP intel. That said the real Reason was the infighting going on. Too many egos and if there was a stable leader maybe would be still alive today

As for the action action against MIP wtf have u been smoking ajay, Roo has been decimating MIP whether its ex wders or existing Roo does not matter. We ran a op on Kyliand took 7 in one night u guys can barely manage 1 on us in your territory of 44 54. The vm defense only lasts so long, happy trails Ajay u quitting is really going to help your guys.

If i was the leader their i could turn it around for u Actually any decent leader could.

As far as backstabbing not on our end bud and yes a win here means a lot bc we were 10th at the start and underdogs all server. Still a lot to go tho so quit or fight ajay..
Iwilson i agree the smaller alliances will play a part of how the world shapes out at the end, who knows maybe they will be a force. As far as our associations we have been pacted with the bloods for a food bit now and do not consider Roo2 a 2nd alliance we are one in the same. Wolverines came late but have shown they are pesky and we are cool with them.
The fact MIP could not make relationships with them or the bloods or hell cannot maintain there 2nd alliance tells u all u need to know, we pride ourselves on being honorable and transparent.
Would i have loved too see a good fight till the end down n dirty meaning players not leaving, yes i would. But reality is if u are led by a crappie leader and an alliance that has no objectives then i do not fault anyone from leaving.

This world is 8 months away a lot of time for something too happen in grep but the window is shrinking.

As for reaching 43 and 53 its probably will happen just might get delayed bc of the VM DEFENSE being played against us.
I never have seen a top alliance or 2 tops crumble like here (MIPs) collapse is laughable...

Good luck to all, keep fighting grepo is a strange mistress twists n turns.
So what if the wolves help or we help them they are 1 30th your size bud. You guys could have made strategic moves too but chose to do nothing. Its called strategy Mip should take notes.
As far as me i can cs anyone anytime i took bawla out back when we fought but as a leader i devote more time there and let others shine bc we are a team not individuals.
I led 2 alliances to crowns and several others to the end so their is that.
I never employed the spy was a mip plant and i hate them but its part of grep good or bad.
Hcs for me are a spy so if i hc u its not to check if online its to see whats there we i will go on or not.
Exposed lol, i told zeek about it the day we talked old news bro.
And which alliance did said spy go in huh... Now either quit or play ajay, and bawla told us.
Did the spy cause your team to be decimated by us, no. Or that your alliance can only spam to get a cs in, no. Enough about your spy bud u guys are just not enough its ok to admit it
Unlike your alliance we are upfront and honest. You are one the ones not trust worthy.


This is ridiculous...I am a ROO Leader/Founder too and I don't like being discredited. We have fought a very good fight from the beginning of this world. We stood up against WD when we were half their size and fought our asses off. WD fell apart and MIP showed their true colors against us, no longer friends but looking out for themselves, which I get it. MIP took in most everyone and we got a few really good players and we still fought our asses off against the bigger alliance.

Our alliance is a family, we have fun, and work extremely well together. I'm proud of each and every one of my alliance members because we have stuck in there every single time the odds were against us. And every single time we come out on top we get discredited. That needs to stop because every single team has tactics. Outside of those tactics, that still doesn't take away from the organized ops we run and the lack of cities we lose. Our players are amazing and I'm not letting anyone take that away from them.

Let the battle speak for itself in Grep, all this back and forth is ridiculous honestly!


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thanks for the epic read ya'll!! Gosh I don't know what is going on ajay and wish you the best with what is causing you leave.
Truly wish I could watched this sparing taking place on the grid after this!!

Does make me wonder about spies in P.I.T.A - I have heard from multiple sources that Al was above that style of play - hmmmm.

We know its a part of the game... and part of life... but it's a sucky part life, and sucky part of this game.



Hey Al. You seem to have deleted something. Wanna repost it for the rest of the class. Don’t worry I got a screenshot if needed


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Dang, screenshot that mug to me! I step out to use the restroom for one SECOND and miss the juicy stuff!?