Top 12: Sink or Swim


So...... who is going to do another top 12?


I would make one... but ive had people call me biast. so I will try hold myself back


just don't talk about your alliance, its that simple lol


Alright. I will probably do it tomorrow since Delos opens Tuesday


Lemme rephrase than.. I really do not like talking bout people i have taken CS's from... :p

Cough cough "The Storm"

look at 43 and 33 we are not collapsing we just did not care to fight for 34 like we would for 43 and 33


Appreciate the Top 12, since I am more informed about the core alliance up here, I will inform you about how it going up north.
The Militia and Perfect Storm are either fighting or were fighting, it seems like a deadlock but I expect TM to kick them out of central 64 as they may become preoccupied with Rising Phoenix in 65.
S.T.O.R.M is at war with both Honey Badgers and Raiding Horde and it seems like they are winning.
TFS are the world winners of a world I used to play Athens which was exactly the same speed as this world except revolt. Player froley is a legitimate beast and if he isn't stopped early I expect him to be top 10 like he was in Athens. They also have a few other great members like scoobywoo, dukedurso, foxxarino and Dreptulance. Not sure if they remember me but we were in the same alliance for around half a year or so. I also remember Pyro45 from my first U.S world US8 Eta, but we were on opposite ends of the world. i remember jherokingdom from another world, can't remember exactly.

Athens was conquest just as this one is. Fallen Sons dominated Athens and we will do so again here by the end.


I suppose I will make another one...

1.Rising Phoenix They have seemed to have lost a couple of players in the last few days. They are still #1 and have good positioning. Ranked 3rd in abp and 8th in dbp. It shows they have not been getting attacked a lot. They have taken 97 cities this week and have lost 48. They are on top in cities lost and gained, with the cities taken weighing the cities lost down. Swim

2.Perfect Storm They have really done well after taking in players from Slegdhammers. They are located in Oceans 65 and 64, having a solid core formed. They are ranked 4th in abp and 5th in abp. Solid numbers for an alliance that used to only have about 50 members. They come in 4th this week with cities taken at 62 and they have lost 21, which is 10th. They have really thrived with the new members and don't show any sign of slowing down. Swim

3.TBA TBA has seemed to slow down in recent days, having fallen to rank 3. They still have a great core and rankings in bp at #1. The problem is they have only taken 32 cities and have lost 23. That is not a real promising thought. Although positive, its not where it should be. I am going to go out and put an answer you guys might not have been expecting. Float

4.The Fallen Sons Rim alliance from Athens who are up in oceans 53 and 63. They have shown they are a group of winners and are barreling up the bp ranks. I see them doing this for awhile. they have taken 82 cities in the last week and have only lost 15. That's pretty good. Swim

5.S.T.O.R.M Still the same beasts of Ocean 54. Please read my last sink or swim on them :D. Swim

6.United Front They have just had a recent merger and are starting to look better. They are currently at war with Super Duper and are losing. They are situated in Oceans 34 and 35. They have taken 51 cities and have lost 27. Things seem to be going well with them now that Russ and the gang are their, but Vys group is persistent, and will not give up on a fight. Float

7.THE MILITIA Situated in 64 and 74, THE MILITA is still up in the rankings. They have the bp ranks to show they are in the fight, including #3 in dbp. They have taken 50 cities, but have lost 38. You can see that they are losing many cities. The alliance is still up their, but for how long? Float

8.Army Of Dead My alliance.

9.Order Of The Sicarius This is a serious MRA with players in Oceans 44 and 45, but they are some how still spread out. They have gained around 30 cities and have lost about 11. They are definitely a defending alliance based on their bp rankings. I think we know the answer. Sink

10.Infinite Presence 36 cites taken, 29 lost this week. Ouch! As you might tell these guys seemed to be sinking. They are at war with many alliances and wont be able to hold it long. Sink

11.Super Duper Here is a solid alliance situated in Oceans 36 and 46 an starting to move into 35. They are currently fighting United Front and are winning. These guys keep expanding and getting better and better by the day. Swim

12.Hammertime Pretty much the same as last week! Swim

I hope you enjoyed, and sorry for it not being very detailed. Please leave any comments, + or - reps, and any feedback you want :).