Top 12 sink or swim

Oggami Itto

Let me give this a shot, and remember, these are my own opinions, and are not meant to dis any alliance. Of course, it all depends if some of these are aligned already.

1) Mortis Nuntius - Running away with this server, lots of really good players. Excellent at sy-ops. swim
2) Ghost Squad - With the backing of MN, they have done very well. swim
3) Eviction Notice - Many are surprised that they have lasted this long, but they do have some good players. If MN, and GS get tired of going after easy targets, and make a serious move on them, they'll be in trouble. for now - float
4) Musketeers - Pretty much unopposed in the southern world, and creeping north, and east. swim
5) Pirates X - I like them but, MN is moving north up O54, and they may choose to go after the Pirates instead of EN - float
6) The Red Virus - Same as The Musketeers, unopposed, but in the northern world, and growing. Good leadership can take them far. will have to work together with Pirates X if MN makes a move north - swim
7) Saxons - Their numbers are on par with TRV, but with the Musketeers creeping into O5, they may be in trouble. float for now.
8) Archemedes Death Ray - I can't figure these guys out, but with EN moving in their direction, they may be in trouble. They'll need to start attacking ready for war - float
9) Dark Souls of Pandemonia - Numbers are Ok at best, if they make a move on The Saxons they may float. But the Saxons could prove me wrong, and make a move on them.
10) Knights of the Empire - These guys are right in the eye of the storm. can't see them lasting too long - sink.
11) Ready for War - If ADR starts attacking them - sink
12) Dark Elite- not much to say - sink
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Archemedes Death Ray launched an op on R4W last weekend and took several of the towns. With that op we basically added the straw that broke the camels back. Several of R4W's key players have jumped ship already and more are leaving. We practically already have conquered O35. If EN does start a war with us, I don't think we will have that much trouble at all.

Oggami Itto

prediction for the next few weeks.

1 - MN - swim
2 - GS - swim
3 - EN - Have not lost ground in ranking, and EN2 growing in ranking. swim with EN2's help.
4) Musketeerss - swim
5 - TRV - making progress - swim
6 - The Saxons - moving up, but at who's expense? Parasites, Dark souls? my money is on the parasites. swim for now
7 - Pirates X - Losing ground. is MN going after them instead of EN, and EN2? Float
8 - Archimedes Death Ray - holding at #8 but it looks like ready for war isn't quite dead. nice tight grouping, but EN, and EN2 is knocking on your door. float
9 - Dark souls of Pandemonia - With The Saxons getting stronger, and being so spread out over so many oceans, it's only a matter of time. sink.
10 - EN2 - Surprise! I'll keep an eye out. float
11 - Ready for War - if they keep getting pounded by ADR - sink
12 - Parasite Order Sub Rosa - What is the point of this alliance. relying on pacts with other alliances to stay alive. So spread out that it doesn't make any sense. Leaders of POSR, do the right thing by those players, and dissolve the alliance, and let them go to alliances that are close to their locations.


Oggami, We did just cap Cyrus's main city. Along with several others. Oh it wasnt an op either... :)