Top 12 Sink or Swim


where does it say you are losing to anyone ?[/B]

Well technically you didn't say lose, loss, losses or anything else in that post but you did say this a few posts back


Which is you claiming an alliance of 6 are beating PMS.


are you gonna answer christshippie's question "What is the name of this mysterious 6 person alliance we supposedly are losing to?" or just gonna dodge the question again?

p.t. baby

what is the name of this mysterious 6 person alliance we supposedly are losing to? There aren't even any 6 person alliances in our ocean, and looking at our losses i don't see how you could claim we are "losing" to anyone. You make less and less sense with each post.

well technically you didn't say lose, loss, losses or anything else in that post but you did say this a few posts back

which is you claiming an alliance of 6 are beating pms.


Are you gonna answer christshippie's question "what is the name of this mysterious 6 person alliance we supposedly are losing to?" or just gonna dodge the question again?
mopping the floor still does not imply a loss!!!! You can get beat on and not lose a thing .. As for answering questions please direct your attention to the why pms is garbage thread .... Explains it all and stops cluttering this thread


Honorable Mentions goes to-
Pirate Misfit Scandal- Above Average ABP beating up The Jokers in a war. Based in 36/35, Control an ocean and a fourth.
Army of 16- Growing quickly in 65 poaching Dark Judgement players. Control 2 oceans.
Folgers- Experienced Dark Horse out in the 7's (47/57). Control 2 oceans.
I expect to see the top 2 HM enter the top 12 by next week. Folgers in 2-3 weeks.

Good job on the predictions so far.


1. Picnic Bunnies- Swim, Top every list.
2. *Restricted Access*- Sink, Only a matter of time till they fall apart or get rimmed. As you can see TBC, The VII and /sad Pandas are also in it not just PB and Chigs.
3. Inactive-Swim, On the rim with no competition except Stealth Potatoes in their ocean.
4.Widows Lament- Swim, Beating about everyone in the East of 55, and destroying Dark Judgement. Will soon be a top 2 alliance in 65, expect DJ to merge into Army of 16.
5. The Scrublords-Swim, Winning cities both from Reborn and Widow's Lament
6. The VII- My Alliance, Your Opinions
7.Reborn Basterds- Float- Improved positioning 20 times over but still inside The Scrublords territory almost in a half circle. As their leaders are smart (They would have been destroyed by now) I see them controlling 64 in the future and kicking out Angels and Demons.
8. Chiguanas-Float- Someone once said Chiguanas vs. PB would be the end of the world. Looking at Stats, Chiguanas are not a "Top 5" alliance anymore and are surrounded by alliances that are equal or much larger than them in terms of stats and size. I see them staying but remaining more stagnant as they have little room to grow. They won't disband but drop out of top 12 due to slow growth.
From her on out these are the newer groups who arrived recently or smaller alliances from the core.
9.Stealth Potato Float/Swim- I would usually say swim but Brant (who is apparently a SP leader) just declared war on an alliance twice their size and 4 more alliances. Unless they have a huge op going down in a couple days he buried them.
10.Anesthesis Swim/Float- Similar situation to Chigs but way less dire they may grow quickly but most likely will fall out of top 12 due to slow growth.
11.The Black Company-Swim- Swimming, will probably top Ocean 45 and 35 to become the fourth alliance to top an ocean with 100,000+ points and the second with 1 million points+ per ocean.
12.THE JOKERS-Sink Like their name they are the joke of the server declaring war on 2 alliances in the top 12, having an acad and friend amounting to 3.6 million points. They are actually decent but, why would they declare war against alliances that will almost certainly beat them?
Honorable Mentions goes to-
Pirate Misfit Scandal- Above Average ABP beating up The Jokers in a war. Based in 36/35, Control an ocean and a fourth.
Army of 16- Growing quickly in 65 poaching Dark Judgement players. Control 2 oceans.
Folgers- Experienced Dark Horse out in the 7's (47/57). Control 2 oceans.
I expect to see the top 2 HM enter the top 12 by next week. Folgers in 2-3 weeks.

1. My prediction held true
2. I never specified a time so I will now 3-4 weeeks. Currently my prediction is false.
6. My Alliance
7.True as they haven't moved in position, but then false as they have grown tremendously keeping up with the pack.
8.True they have barely grown and sunk in rankings.
9.True as they are still in 9th
10.Fell out of 12 due to merge with The Scrublords, but are still floating in 15th. True as the name change but also false because of merge.
11.Growth has slowed in the top alliance but then overall adding both alliances they have still grown to the point where we can classify as keeping up with the pack. True
12.Fell out of the top 12 but I never specified a date when they would sink. Give them 2 weeks. False.
Honorable Mentions
3.Folgers-Slightly behind as much of their growth went to their academy alliance.


InActive is my alliance.... i AM InActive and they will hold no matter what!!!


Just for fun since the forums are dead

1 Picnic Bunnies: Swimming at the country club
2 *Restricted Access*: Someone get the chlorine, there's too much pee
3 InActive: Standard backyard pool
4 The Scrublords: Nice pool but no view, it's surrounded by sky scrappers.
5 Widows Lament: Community pool on the outskirts of town
6 The VII: I Hear it's a nice pool but they got a high fence so I don't know.
7. Reborn Basterds: Sharing that community pool with Widows Lament
8 Army of 16: Wait, do county ponds count? oh well, we'll allow it.
9 Stealth Potato: Now hold on . . . mudholes can't possibly count.
10 Pirate Misfit Scoundrels: Recently upgraded to a nice in ground and enjoying it.
11 The Black Company 1st: Nice backyard pool with a diving board, score!
12 Vikings Reborn: When did they get a pool?!
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Picnic Bunnies- Do we really have to explain at this point?
Restricted Access- Losing members, losing cities, losing the will to fight back.
Inactive- Far far away from us. So not important for now. Good luck to them. :)
The Scrublords- Took on an academy, academy is getting beat up...
Widows Lament- Pretty iffy on this alliance, murdering Scrubs academy but not doing hot against the main team.
The VII- Honestly want to see how they do vs Inactive. They look good and I could vouch for them on the upset card.
Reborn Basterds- Optimistic: They have pulled together to challenge scrublords. Pessimistic: Opened three branches.
Army of 16- O65 and no major known wars. That is all.
Stealth Potato- Meh
Pirate Misfit Scoundrels- Meh
The Black Company- Looks decent.
Vikings reborn- we have really had a few alliances fall off haven't we.
Chiguanas- Apparently have all on spring break right now.
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SWIM-Picnic Bunnies- 1st in everything
FLOAT-Restricted Access- Decent alliance but with all the qualities of an MRA,(An MRA can be successful but 70%+ they fail), They should try to shrink down to one academy with the best players from their three academies to move to the top alliance and the east productive players and some of the 2nd tier player move to the bottom.
SWIM-Inactive- Best rim alliance.
SWIM-Widows Lament- Slightly above decent alliance.
SWIM-The Scrublords- Least top heavy alliance in terms of points. No players in the top 20 in points. One of the better alliances on the server.
(SWIM)-The VII- My Alliance, Your Opinion (My Opinion- Best Leadership in the world, future top 3 alliance for various reasons)
SWIM-Reborn Basterds- The way they have moved from one part of the world and taken the hits from many alliances, hats off to these guys. Another non top heavy alliance.
SWIM_Army of 16- A couple large experienced players control half of 75 and if things work out can really develop in 65 they can fully control both oceans as Widows Lament and Assassins are huge in both oceans.
FLOAT-Stealth Potato- Losing cities to Inactive but at a slow rate.
SWIM-Pirate Misfit Scoundrels- Growing quickly in 36/35
SWIM-The Black Company- Great alliance expect them to grow.
SWIM-Vikings Reborn- Really determined not to get rimmed.
Top 12 Alliances-The VII not included. Academies/Sisters not included
1.Picnic Bunnies
2. The Scrublords
3. Inactive
4. Reborn Basterds
5. Widows Lament
6. The Black Company 1st Bn
7. Restricted Access
8. Chiguanas
9. Army of 16
10. Stealth Potato
11. Pirate Misfit Scoundrels
12. Vikings Reborn


1. Picnic Bunnies- SwimSolid group, good teamwork, vast area of control very successful alliance.
2. *Restricted Access*-Float eventually drowning So many players that they will continually linger. They are being beaten down and running rather than standing and fighting.
3. InActive- Swim No one on the rim is as good. They have a solid group.
4. Widows Lament-Float Allied with the only other alliance in O65 losing ground in O55. They have nice averages, nice BP from fighting, but once o65 is reached by other alliances they wont last.
5. The Scrublords-My alliance so no comment
6. The VII-Swim Taking over the lower west of 55 and into 45 with little resistance. They have nice control of their area and good coring.
7. Reborn Basterds-Sink They are turning tail and fleeing into the reaches of O54 that they believe our beyond my alliances reach. We have gained ground in 54 from just founding cities. They are losing O55 quick and can only take inactive or ghost cities.
8. Army of 16-Float More will be determined when they get involved in a large war. Currently skirmishing some basterds I see them and stealth potato going at it soon.
9. PMS-Float then Sink Everyone on the rim stands a chance. But they will sink based on what I have seen of leadership.
10. Stealth Potato- Do not know enough to say what will happen but they have potential to be a strong rim factor
11. The black company 1st bn- Swim They are the strongest best lead group out on that side of the rim.
12. The Jokers-Float They are fighting the vii i believe they are in a tough location and I dont see them surviving too long but definitely giving a helluva fight


hmm intersesting take on the basterds i would say we have held are ground only cities i have seen come near me are those that had been founded and i dont see them staying there long


We have hardly tried to take and have taken cities. Yall have gotten 1 city off the players who are still around up there. Ive seen the plans for colonization your leaders have put out. Its 271 slots in the north


um idk what nonsense ur spies give u but we have no plans to move north
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Friendly notice to RB. As some of the scrubs who used to have towns in O54 & Vikings who's entire core moved to north O54/south O53 will tell you, having towns in O54 really isn't beneficial to your health.


Here's my Top 12 Sink and Swim.

1. Picnic Bunnies/Academic Bunnies- First in just about everything. Great core and are quickly mopping through that sorry lot of RA and Vikings. This group of players is under great leadership and are going to be around for WW and definitely winning this thing. SWIM
2. Widows Lament- This team looks good on paper and stats but when you look at where they are... it's going to be tough. Kudos to them for hanging around for as long as they have in the current position they are in. FLOAT then SINK
3. Inactive- They completely own O56 and I shouldn't see them having any problems with Stealth Potato. Being on the rim is a definite bonus and I don't see these guys losing any ground for a long time. SWIM
4. *Restricted Access*- What to say about these guys... They are getting there butts handed to them by Picnic Bunnies and Academic Bunnies. It really isn't even fair fight at this point. Only cities they are really gaining are South and West. Easy call here... SINK
5. The Scrublords- I actually think these guys are a solid team from what I've seen. They are starting to feel real pressure from Picnic Bunnies and their spread out core is going to be hard to keep together. I think they were floating for awhile, especially with some great ABP, but they are starting to trend downwards. SINK
6. the VII- This is great alliance that is expanding fairly well in a lot of different directions. Good ABP stats and they are grouped together very well albeit smack dab in the middle of the action. Eventually they are going to face heavy pressure on all sides but right now... SWIM
7. Army of 16- They have a very vast core that is primarily located in 65 but I think they are doing well in terms of growth. The big blemish on these guys is their BP stats; 13th in ABP does not bode well. But with Widows Lament and them jostling for position, they could see a big rise in BP. For now I'm uncertain... FLOAT
8. Reborn Basterds- One of the lower point averages in this list and a ABP ranking that needs to be a bit higher for me to see them hanging with the big dogs of Troy. The time will come where they will meet up with the Bunnies and I don't think that bodes well. But for now, these guys seem to be doing fine so... Starting to FLOAT
9. Pirate Misfit Scoundrels- First of all, great name guys lol. This is a rim alliance that is making a move in the rankings and that bodes well for future growth. Starting to see more Restricted Access guys whig is a great thing for them since RA is busy with the Bunnies. Although others see them sinking I'm going to give them the benefit of the doubt. SWIM
10. Stealth Potato- Good job to these guys for moving up the rankings and into the 10 spot. I don't think this will last though. I don't see them out pacing Widows Lament so although they've seen a great rise... FLOAT then SINK
11. The Black Company 1st Bn- I really don't know much about these guys. But based on stats, they do not look pretty at all. Decent ABP ranking for them but the point average is dismal. This is an easy call for me... SINK
12. The Jokers- Again, not a lot of info here but I'm not impressed. Pretty much same story as The Black Company. They are surrounded on two fronts and I can only see them moving out to the rim to expand. SINK

15. Southern Pride- These guys are way out in the rim and will grow for awhile in my opinion. Eventually that big bunny menace will get to them unless this world continues at the frenzied pace its going at.
17. Chiguanas- I completely understand these guys have fallen in the rankings, but I have respect for these guys. I truly believe they will be around for awhile and will just hang on in this world for a good long time.

If you have any complaints with this list, go ahead and voice em. Oh and yes, I'm obviously with Picnic Bunnies


u seem to think nobody can beat the bunnies this is something i've heard every server the #1 alliance brags they are unbeatable then all of a suddent eh disappear