Top 12 Sink or Swim


1) G.A.R.

Whether you think they are the sweatiest kids in the server or the most likely to default on rent next month due to their exorbitant gold usage, this alliance has a solid lead in points and cities. Yet somehow they are trailing/even with Martial Law in attack BP and as fighters overall. The server has only been open for a little over two weeks now, but when you almost double in points of the remaining alliances you’d think your BP would reflect the same. According to Grepolife (RIP GrepoIntel), however, G.A.R. Is 9-0 against Martial Law which is respectable. Float for now, likely to be around for a while.

2) Reunion Tour

I don’t really know what to say other than maybe: not terrible? Showing some promise early on as they smoked Conquer Factory (15-0 and counting). If G.A.R.allows it, RT is likely to be a strong contender on this server. Float.

3) Martial Law

This alliance is my front runner for the long haul if their players are able to survive the war with G.A.R. The disparity between the two at this point likely is likely due to the currently disproportionate city counts, which in my
Opinion will change over time. ML has some already proven players who are just getting started. It will turn on whether these players get serious on this server or if they are just passing time. Swim (if not gobbled up by G.A.R.); Sink (if their better players are disinterested in this world)

4) Eviction Notice

Losing players to G.A.R. Not a good look. Sink if not already sunk.

5) NWO

Yikes. If it weren’t for EN losing ppl to GAR I’d say they are first out. Sink

6-12: probably too early to tell. Although Rabbid Sullied and Vague showing promise.
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kinda sad how dead these forums are but I'll give it a run :

1) G.A.R. - my alliance so i won't comment

2) Reunion Tour : seems like a good and experienced group they've been diligent in building their core and it looks like they've done a good job at that. These guys should prosper in O45 and swim

3) Martial Law: another experienced group but their core isn't quite as solid and there are a few chinks in their armor. I'll give them a float for now but they need their heavy hitters to be more active and aggressive if they want long-term success

4) Vague : looks like these guys just merged with NWO and now it looks like there's a clear team that can take control of O44 and make it work. Hopefully they're able to do so and eventually compete, I think this is a pretty good group and they got a bit of a late start but definitely watch out for them

5) Eviction notice :These guys are hanging onto a thread in O55 it won't be too long before they get completely wiped out

Past the top 5 lots of small alliances and towards the edge of the world, so not sure yet