Top 12 - Sink or Swim

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  1. Rip Hunter

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    Jun 17, 2018
    Looking forward for all your Top 12's once BP is ending :D
  2. iAmK1NG

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    Aug 18, 2016
    Hey can we get some Top 12 predictions before Bp ends. I like reading peoples's initial thoughts based on just rosters and location before the battling begins and then seeing how accurate they are after the fighting starts...just like with sport commentators/analysts.
  3. SlayerBaam

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    Nov 9, 2016
    lol i thought the point of the grepo fantasy draft was to prevent hugging? seems that didnt last long
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  4. iAmK1NG

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    Aug 18, 2016
    Who's hugging? BP hasn't even ended for there to be hugging.
  5. SlayerBaam

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    Nov 9, 2016
    last i heard about the grepo draft alliances you werent supposed to have any brother and sister alliances naps or pacts but yet memento already has a brother alliance posted on their page:rolleyes:
  6. iAmK1NG

    iAmK1NG Citizen

    Aug 18, 2016
    I'd have to find the original proposal but yes 2 of the draft alliances and most likely soon a third have established sister alliances. The last team may end up doing the same when they drop but we shall see. MM is the only team so far with a full sister, the others are much, much smaller atm but we will see how everything turns out after BP ends.
  7. SlayerBaam

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    Nov 9, 2016
    By now most of you have gotten messages about the idea in game, heard it on here, or in the mods case saw it in the tickets (sorry if you felt flooded).

    We urge Inno to open a high speed conquest so that we can bring the league to it for what hopefully would be the first of many worlds. Our world are in desperate need of competition and activity. We are promoting that by spreading the top players among several alliances and stopping hugging. There will be no pacts, or brother, sister, cousin alliances. Basically...fight hard or die trying.

    Now perhaps you don't know just how many others in our community support the idea like you do. Below is the list of people who signed up for the idea. If you don't see your name on the list, and you support the Grepolis Fantasy Draft League, feel free to comment so I can add it in.

    this is what i last read in forums about the draft but it doesnt matter let the hugging commence :D
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  8. TheFightingMuktuk

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    Aug 31, 2016
    Slayer. If you had followed the draft and the process in discord prior to the world opening you would know what happened.

    There was more people in the available pool than spaces on 4 teams. So players were going to get left out. Each team was going to have some overflow and require them to take in more than 40 if all players were drafted.

    Unfortunately One of the four founders pulled out of the draft halfway between selecting players. So the draft wasn’t finished. Leaving a lot of players without teams and the remaining teams with far too many players to be selected. It was unfortunate but things happen. That’s life. It’s a little unfair to tell every new player or somebody less known that wants to get better at the game that they have no place in a team.

    A true draft concept would be nice. As we found out we can’t force people to play with others or commit time and resources to teammates the don’t know or don’t like. Whatever the reason. It didn’t work out this time. It may never work out. Who knows
  9. Master Yaya

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    Jun 16, 2019
    Ah I'm back
  10. XxCharlie1998xX

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    Jun 9, 2019
    1. Melting Snowflakes - O54 Based alliance, has a strong group of players in its upper tier. Any alliance with Capable in it is probably going to do well early on. Looks like a lot of deadweight in the alliance though, meaning the top players are going to be dragged down carrying the weight of the worse (You are only as good as your weakest link in this game). They have no immediate worries as far as wars go unless Memento go head to head with them off of BP. For now, they will swim due to their MRA status (They have already opened a second alliance). In the future, once another group gains position, it may change. SWIM

    2. Kiss My Arsenal - Fun fact, if this was EN, I would probably be banned for typing this name out. O45 Based alliance, they are in no imminent danger. Again, another MRA who has a second alliance before BP even drops, it looks like they will play for numbers to stay upright. Out of the top few alliances, I would say they have the most action, even though "the most" still really is not a lot. VOC looks like the biggest threat currently in terms of shared location, with a few other alliances sprinkled on their islands. Time will tell who tries moving into 45 or if the ocean is just left. Float

    3. Memento Mori - O55 Based, I think? Most spread out of the alliances so far. This will be the current biggest alliance to fall apart the fastest. AGAIN already has a sister alliance, and is the current biggest MRA of the world. I will give it maybe 2 weeks out of BP before they fall apart, only again due to the large player count inside. Sink.

    4. Dogs of War - This group is based in O44 maybe? Spread out in all 4 oceans, not too sure what to expect from them. Nothing jumps out at me as impressive about them. This alliance will likely fall apart right out of the gate. Sink.

    5. Memento - Mori - See #3, this is just an MRA sister alliance.

    6. Hicks With Sticks - I had to actually do a double check on this one. It looks like their recruitment strategy was "Maximum 1 player per island". They are spread out between every ocean, and don't have any form of a core built. It looks like recruitment was just left on Open and people flocked in to get the quest complete. This is a Sink.

    7. -VOC- - O45 Based, and with one of the tightest "cores" in terms of islands. They are a clear premade who dropped at the same time to secure a few islands for themselves. Not a bad middle of the pack kind of group, so I would say they probably float around for a while. If they take on the #2 alliance then we will see who comes out on top for that ocean. Probably the most interesting early war to watch from my perspective. Float

    8. Legendary Heroes - Can I pass on this one? No leaders, no structure, no core, alliance left on Join since day 1. I am amazed anyone above 2k points is still in this alliance truthfully. My guess is this looks like the US version of a gold trading alliance. Sink.

    9. Canadian Alliance - Again, I don't know where they are based. I think O45? I like the small feel of this alliance (Only 13), so I will quietly root for them. However they have no real grouping that would make me feel good about them right out of BP. I would like to see them consolidate and try to make a run in O45 to make it a 3 way fight, but I see this alliance as one who will end up merging with either VOC or KMA after they lose a few cities/players. Sink.

    10. Crocodile Tears - See #1. This is another sister alliance.

    11. Quest Alliance - Their name says it all. Nothing to really see here, gold traders or new players with no alliance. Sink.

    12. Abusement Park - They will live by their name. They will be abused then disbanded. No positioning and surrounded by people they cant fight. Sink to round it off.

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  11. Rip Hunter

    Rip Hunter Philosopher

    Jun 17, 2018
    Alright, I usually prefer reading Top 12 but as I opened the Thread, I'll do my best to put up a decent one now.

    TOP 12 (Pre BP-end)

    1. Melting Snowflakes: Until now they have the heaviest Gold Users on the server and a strong team. One of the Fantasy Draft Teams, already closing up a core at the northside of world's center. SWIM

    2. Kiss my Arsenal: The Team I'm with, Already looking decent on core island(s) in the o45 corner, growth isn't quiet as fast as Melting Snowflakes. Looks like a solid team with good potential. Also on of the Fantasy Draft Teams SWIM

    3. Memento Mori: Looks like they already got a completely filled up sister alliance, which gives them a lot of substance to work with but also a lot of people on a yet rather small room, so coring up farther should be a really fast and easy thing to do if they don't argue about who takes what city. Also a Draft Team with good Leadership though, so I don't think that they'll have a problem at this early stage. SWIM

    4. Dogs of War: Their actual core seems to be a rock in 44, are spread out a bit beside of that and will have to deal with Melting Snowflakes in the beginning for sure, doesn't look like a bright future for them. They have to make up a good strategy to get around MS, maybe they can do that in time. I'll be nice and let them FLOAT (for now)

    5. Memento-Mori: See 3

    6. Hicks with Sticks: The name sounds fun, but they are spread all over the place, didn't find a core. SINK

    7. -VOC-: The foreign team, coming all the way from the lovely Netherlands, seem to be an active bunch and working on a. good core in 45, will face probably have to face Kiss My Arsenal soon, we'll have to see how that pans out. FLOAT

    8. Legendary Heroes: MRA that even failed to recruit many players, half of those are inactive already, easy SINK.

    9. Candian Heroes: In 45, basically in between of KMA and VOC won't have it easy, maybe they'll make their way out to easier waters in time, same chances as DoW against MS. FLOAT

    10. Crocodile Tears: See 1

    11. Quest Alliance: Name says it all, could name themselves Free Food as well... SINK

    12. Abusement Park: Funny name, far spread, mainly in 44 with MS waiting, maybe they'll team up with DoW, they'll have to work fast and get something they can call a core though, FLOAT then SINK

    Alright then, let's hear your comments on the first Top 12 for Taras, a day before BP ended
    edit, Charlie beat me to it, it's the second now...
  12. Al the Conqueror

    Al the Conqueror Taxiarch

    Jun 30, 2014
    Wait a week and i will give a Top 12, RIP well done some things can happen either way but when doing these things be un biased... Fun Fact almost all my team is in 55 or border 45 55 so not sure about the first TOP 12 done LOL.
    Any way good luck to all and Happy Hunting
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  13. Paul119

    Paul119 Newcomer

    Jun 16, 2019
    Only here for a few days and already everyone is orange
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  14. SlayerBaam

    SlayerBaam Messenger

    Nov 9, 2016
    i decided not to try to hard to get in on it cause i figure something like the hugging would end up happening anyway. players dont change and dont want change but they sure complain about it on forums and do the same thing every world still. The draft wasnt supposed to be fair it was to make 4 teams of good and active fighters. Is the football draft always fair? nah if u dont make the cut for a team u dont make the cut. if they didnt like the team they were on they shouldnt sign up for a draft. :rolleyes:
  15. WingedHussar

    WingedHussar Newcomer

    Jun 16, 2019

    Hi, one of the dutchies speaking.
    Heared you guys have some juicy S P I C E over here so we came over.
    The world has amazing settings and most of our guys play on nl67 right now which is basicly played out.
    When we saw no morale on this world we immediately agreed we should start here.

    Can´t wait to play!
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  16. Ram Asger

    Ram Asger Newcomer

    Mar 23, 2016
    Ram back in the house... anybody want him? Missed the draft apparently!
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  17. Master Yaya

    Master Yaya Newcomer

    Jun 16, 2019
    My top 12

    They all sink
  18. Al the Conqueror

    Al the Conqueror Taxiarch

    Jun 30, 2014
    TOP 12

    1. Melting Snowflakes-- Have a good head start on others doing well, located in the 4 corners of the world and a tad North, decently setup on 44/54 border. A lot of good players but with a lot of ego if Cachet and leaders hold their own in check i can see good things. Have a lot of golders which i guess now is a staple in Grep good or bad. Downside given their position they are smack in the middle and surrounded by other alliances. Directly North of them will be their biggest obstacle because of location and proximity are the DEVIL DAWGS. SWIM for now...

    2.. Kiss My Arsenal-- Located in OC 45 more NE towards the four corners decent starting position if they core up before real battles take place will be a formidable team. Borders My Squad 45/55 as well time will tell but Thor is a decent guy LOL... To the South a quality team from Overseas Dropped in from the Dutch Servers, -VOC- already some skirmishes being had could tie up KMA while battling in the north. Also in 54 are the CARE BEARS, not sure i can take them seriously lol but seem to be doing well in SOUTH 54 and scattered Snowflakes around so KMA will have its hands full but with a Vet as a leader i believe they will be fine..... SWIM

    3.. Memento Mori-- My alliance we swap 2nd place now and then located in 55 will not talk about my own others can judge....

    4.. DOGS of WAR-- This is the first Sink grade so far, Mostly located in OC44 but also near bigger alliances my guess here the strongest will merge with a bigger alliance and this Alliance will fade over time, Some decent names here but because of location will not give a passing grade. Maybe will surprise me and others till then... SINK

    5. Devil Dawgs-- Located N 54 near 44 border led by a vet as well and mostly a pre made with some new recruits. Solid Coring going on and i see them and Snowflakes battling soon if not now as the 2 get closer. Good group communicate well and also a Heavy Golding Alliance. Biggest Obstacle is not well liked by some or most and maybe others joining in but for now good start and island coring, the war with Snowflakes might very well determine 54 dominate alliance.. Swim

    6.. Care Bears--- Not sure on if they are Allied with DD or not till i find out will put them here, some decent names here but i see them a victim of 54 battle between Snow and DD and with MM coming up and KMA, too small of an alliance to withstand that. Early stages doing well need a better core to survive what will be coming. SINK/MERGE/BROTHER ALLIANCE

    7.. -VOC- --- Located in 45 below KMA and West of MM, solid group have experience came here because of world settings could cause an issue and hold up KMA's march to the middle. West of my Alliance so far just a few skirmishes nothing serious. I see them surviving giving the fact they can expand southward and core up as no one is behind them. Depending on how the precede is what fate will have. For now i will say SWIM but will monitor closely

    8. ABUSEMENT PARK--- A few names to look out for but overall i see them as food for other alliances in 44 and their location, if left alone maybe but i see a definite SINK/MERGE

    9. Delta-- An alliance spread out over a few oceans 55 is a hub definite food based alliance , loves walls too.. Definite SINK

    10.. F.E.A.R--- Mainly based in 55 another food alliance a couple of players i can see merging with bigger alliances SINK

    11. Velocity--- Based in OC 45 food for KMA and other predatory alliances , a few players might survive but the alliance will not SINK>>>

    12. Avengers-- Scattered over a few oceans i really cannot see them surviving very long despite a good profile pic lol... SINK

    I Did not include brother alliances bc its well not needed if they are one in the same...
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  19. The Dutch Defender

    The Dutch Defender Newcomer

    Jun 16, 2019
    Al, you're wrong about 11. They already pacted with KMA, guess KMA is the biggest MRA at this moment with over 80 players ^^
  20. Nights Warrior

    Nights Warrior Newcomer

    Jun 23, 2019
    1. Melting Snowflakes- I don't know when the typical courtesy of not talking about your own alliance started, but I've always thought it was stupid. Tops in the categories that matter with solid leadership, I'll give us one knock for location. Our eagerness to join the world has us in between all the world powers, but to put a positive spin on that, we've got a lot of opportunity for a lot of BP. Swim

    2. Kiss My Arsenal- Neck and neck with MM for second in all the major stats, KMA has a nice core built in 45. They've allied themselves with another alliance there, Velocity, but before they can focus on expanding out of 45, they have to deal with a Dutch team that looks solid. I will say they look a little top heavy at the moment, but a lot of their players towards the bottom of the rankings are typically solid contributors who could very well increase their activity here as the world goes on. If that happens, an already good team will get better. Swim

    3. Memento Mori
    - I started writing this with the intention to give MM a float just to be a little spicy, but I'm going to have to say Swim, sadly, because their position is fantastic. They have the least quality resistance in their ocean and after solidifying it, they'll have the opportunity to spring on MS or KMA if either one starts to show cracks. I truly believe in today's Grep you need some heavy golders who can make a LS nuke out of thin air to save that city, and MM is a little low on those compared to the other drafted alliances, but they make up for it with active, solid contributors all throughout the roster, who will have the opportunity to keep pace with the growth of some of the golders because of their superior position.

    4. Devils Dawgs
    - Apparently in the 2 or 3 years I took off of Grep, these guys have been absolutely running worlds. MS may be the top alliance, but from what I gather, DD will be the alliance to beat until they're beaten. My only question is if they're allied with Care Bears, as a few members of CB are with DD on 79, and that could cut into the amount of food available to them. Still, saying anything other than Swim seems ridiculous, even if it's the boring answer.

    5. Dogs of War- Allied with Abusement Park and Care Bears, I think they've done a great job assembling talent that was limited to them both by the draft and location. I do, however, wonder how much of that was luck and how much was solid leadership/recruiting. Assuming they haven't allied with Pool Party, right now there's plenty of non-MS food in 44 to keep DoW going, and because of that I'll give them a momentary Float. But once the easy food runs out, then sink.

    6. -VOC- Might be the most interesting alliance in the world. Cored nicely, no doubt under heavy fire from KMA that won't stop soon, and also having to deal with Velocity, the Dutch are in a precarious position, and I for one hope they come out on top. Unfortunately, I can only see them Floating without outside aid, probably from MM. And if MM decides to attack instead of help, it'll be a quick Sink.

    7. Care Bears-
    Pinned between DD and MS, whether they're allied with DD or not is a little irrelevant. Eventually, they will sink. They have some good players, but those players will end up fighting for another team. DD, if it wants to, can't keep the deadweight of CB alive forever, and if it doesn't want to, their death will be quick.

    8. Abusement Park- An easy Sink, this alliance is the worst of the DoW CB trifecta. One of their founders is currently on VM, and I'm sure their better players will be in DoW in no time.

    I'm going to skip the rest because they're either food or the most interesting thing about them is that they're allied with another alliance, but I'll give an honorable mention to one last alliance:

    16. Just For Laughs- Charlie has way too much time on his hands, which makes him a phenomenal grep player. There's some spamming controversy here, but in the end I don't think it'll matter. Right now CB acts as a cushion between JFL and DD, but if that cushion is removed, their butt is going to start to hurt. They're solid, and I can't imagine many people doing a better job with this few people, but in the end I don't think it will be enough. Float then Sink
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