Top 12 Sink or Swim


I have a friend who I am playing with. And my friend has already received a message which essentially says "join us or face the consequences". If we're 48 hours into the world, what is that alliance trying to compensate for?


hahahahhaha. I had one who invited me and said "want to join" and I wrote a very nice reply saying I was going to take some team and see how things shake out... the answer was "well you better make the right choice".. hahahah come on people :p


You also need a small core leadership team with a game plan. And no life. That's what won Chi and Zakros - good leaders with a strategy and the time availability to pull it off. ;-)
ah chi that was a good world made some friends for life there


Is Mayhem having ANOTHER meltdown.... Every time I turn around he is either crying or stroking his own ego.


mayhem gonna realize speed world 2 not much faster then speed one, will then start trading 4 gold 4 the next one


nah...on 60 he started farming gold then handed cities internally when new world was announced so there is a chance 4 that

Rising Legacy

I'm seeing a lot of familiar names on this server, some from when I played way back on En 20-something, so could potentially be an interesting world for the first coupla months. Might as well pop in and see what the fuss is about. Maybe make a sink or swim once BP ends for the first horde of folk.