Top 12 Power Rankings


I got this idea from the Phi forums but here you list what you think the top 12 alliances are. With all the MRAs at this point in the game sink or swims don't tell you who will take the alliances that sink, place.

1. Angry Penguins: High average seem mostly located near each other, high bp too but BP isn't over yet
2. Patriots: (trying not to be biased here) also have a pretty good average but a little more spread out
3. CHIajuana: A small group of elite players, however their significantly lower member count might not help out against other alliances

The rest are all MRAs


Nice! This will be great for banter as the world progresses, so it's really a great idea.


patriots are a good crew not my cup of tea but they are good


Patriots and Angry Penguins are, at the moment, the two main alliances to keep an eye on. Maybe over time other alliances might catch up, but we'll see.


The Penquins know how to spend gold, click the mouse, and recruit out of other alliances. Ill wait to see what happens in the next couple days. as the BP wheres out.


Let the trashtalk begin. This is why I simply sit here and make babies.


There's a serious lack of good alliances on Chi. Doesn't make my dilemma of "should I make an alliance" any easier. :(


tired of these losers complain about Chi, get over it if your so damn good prove it, i don't see any of the braggers in top 10 anything.

- CHIajuana
- Angry penguins
- patriots
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-Angry Penguins
-Numbers and Figures
Whatever order, to early to tell. Patriots are losing everyone.


New to Chi as of last night....seems like the forums are lively. Can't wait to see how things turn out in this of now I would have to agree that the top 2 are:
Angry Penguins and Numbers and Figures


Even though there aren't 12 great alliances I will name the top 12:
1. Angry Penguins
2. CHIguanas
3. Numbers and Figures (now it gets hard)
4. Hankdogs Hero (maybe)
5. Anonymous
6. Immortale
7. Legion of Death
8. Virus
9. The Black Company (maybe)
10. The vanguard (maybe)
11. Sons of liberty (maybe)
12. Attack me please 8)