Top 12 Potatoes


Are you really that slow? Like, you really do not understand the meaning of my sentences? You really think that with that sentence about paypal i was refering to golding in the game?
If i wanted to say anything about that i would only have to mention that you guys have 2 of the biggest gold abusers on the server.
We can talk for hours but in the end it's clear. You guys are an MRA having golders boosting their stats and boasting about it.


1. Redemption (Sink)

2. Undecided (Swim)
I mean what do you expect. Look at the roster ;)

3. The Order (Sink)

4. Four Horsemen (Swim)
Really the only other team that matters other than Undecided. They have a lot of great players


FACT #1 Undecided has more top fighters in their alliance than Redemption
FACT#2 Redemption is a useless MRA and their players are actively seeking a different alliance
FACT#3 Redemption talking about Undecided Hugging with MW (The Order) when thats their sister alliance LOL
FACT#4 Redemption doesn't want to come up against Undecided because they know they would get stepped on
FACT#5 Redemption best watch themselves cause we coming for that #1 spot and the win


1. Undecided: My team, so im biased but i will try to rely only on external data. #2 Attackers #2 Defenders. Quite some core islands ready to be fully occupied. Only recently got to the alliance limit. Rumors say that players would like to join from other top alliances ;) Contenders for sure
2. Redemption: Just recently lost the #1 spot. #1 Attackers #1 Defenders They had some issues being an MRA. They lost quite so good players to other alliances because of it. It seems like they reorganized. Their cores are contested by Undecided and the Four Horsemen so time will tell how effective this reorganization was. They need to stop bleeding good players and restore the faith of the leadership and their image in order to be Contenders
Swim if it was effective/Sink it wasn't
3. Eviction Notice: I don't know exactly what's going on so some if this is speculation. #3 Attackers #3 Defenders. They seem to be an MRA, spread out, picking up players from Redemption. Their biggest advantage is that they don't have a defined front with anybody from the top alliances so it seems like they have some time to expand without being contested. Looking at the inactives and refuse to use alarms players they have they need to get a better player base in order to be Contenders.
4. Espada: #6 Attackers #10 Defenders. They same like a weak version of an MRA. Contested islands, close to Four Horsemen and Eviction Notice. Really nothing to say about them.
5. Blood n Guts #4 Attackers #3 defenders. First MRA of the world, scattared around, zero cores, no structure.
6. Silly Rabits #6 Attackers #12 Defenders. MRA, scattered, contested island.
7. Death Before Dishonor #8 Attackers #6 Defenders. Same verdict
8. Four Horsemen: The last alliance on the list. The only reason we even talk about the 4 before them is to talk about these guys. #7 Attackers #9 Defenders.
Known heavy golders, if they keep up spending the way they do right now or pick up good players they might be Contenders. Until that.


To give you more information about Espada, we are eating Eviction Notice at the moment. I think its 3 cities to 1 at the moment, and the one they took we let go because it was 7 of them on the island.
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