TOP 12 (Name Reviews)


Here we are, 6 hours into the world, and I have nothing to do.
Therefore, I will review the alliance names in our server.

1 - Melting Snowflakes
Where to start. Possibly the least intimidating, least humorous, least tactical, and least creative name on the list. Frankly I'm embarrassed to even say I have friend in this alliance. The best thing this world could use is for this name to melt away into nothingness.
2 - Legendary Heroes
This name is basically water. It was no taste. No smell. Nothing to differentiate itself from the rest of the alliance names in the history of Grepolis Imagine a knockoff version of a knockoff version of the Avengers who have to use the name "Legendary Heroes" so they avoid copyright issues.
3 - Kiss My Arsenal
Someone really sat in a group chat, put this idea forward, and had it confirmed by a bunch of other people. This one and "Legenday Heroes" are really battling it out for the bottom here. This is basically taking Nike's "Kiss my Fast" and turning it into another one of those shitty British detective TV shows. If this group wins this world, it'll break the servers putting this abomination of a name on the winning list.
4 - Memento Mori
OOooOoOo our name sounds Latin. Look how cool and strong we are. We take this GAME so seriously OooOoOOOO. "No diplomacy" looking self. "Spying, attacking, or messaging our members is an act of war" looking self. Grab your Memento Mori in your left hand it walk it all the way back to the movie "The 300" where it belongs.
5 - Calamity
This NAME is a calamity. Just because it has 3 syllables and isn't used in your everyday life doesn't mean it is a good alliance name.
6 - Slingers Hittin Dingers
THE FIRST NAME THAT MADE ME SMILE HOLY COW. Now here is a name. Slingers Hittin Dingers? Sign me up. I could log in every day and play with "Grepo Mauler" if my alliance had this name. This kind of name can save you from being rimmed, single-handedly. This alliance name got me girlfriend and a Ferrari.
7 - All By Myself
This is exactly what you will be if you keep this boring name. Picture the missionary position, except as a name. Picture vanilla ice cream with vanilla syrup.
8 - Just For Laughs
At this point I'm running out of energy. This name is so boring that I fell asleep writing this post and missed my 5 minute farming cycle.
9 - G.O.T
Naming yourself, or your alliance after this show has ALWAYS been terrible, but even more so now that the show is over. You gonna be 55 and still reppin the G.O.T.? Get with the times. The last season was horrible. The writers were terrible. BRAN IS RULING. At least Lord of The Rings has a good ending, you could've named yourself after that.
10 - Death Star
"Luke I am your Father" looking self. Dusty name looking self. The Death Star blew up and so should this alliance name.
11 - TheFew
This alliance names speaks to how many people thought a name like this was a good idea.
12 - quest
At this point I'm just disappointed that 12 people made alliances because this was a lot of work for the little value I got out of it. I guess people needed their 20 free troops from the quest or something. If it weren't for #6 I would have fallen asleep.


Best: Slingers Hittin Dingers
Worst: Kiss My Arsenal
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The Top 12 changed, you gotta do it all over again now


In my defense I want to point out there’s a new GOT coming out, so hopefully I get some credit for that.