Top 12 Alliances!!

Petrika Grosi

Ya is a little soon for TOP 12, but anyway you can try to find who is one of best alliances here ;) :p

Trys Asgon

That DIctatorial Democracy alliance looks like good..... :D


'cept for the 55 players, drop maybe 20 and you'd have a decent alliance.

Trys Asgon

Yes, yes we are an MRA, yet!

And we will decide, who can stay, and who not!


55 players an MRA? What is with you people, are you guys jealous or something? Can't stand not being #1 with your "elite" alliance? (Do note elite means small in this case, not necessarily elite)

I can tell you right now though, To Die For Viva Warriors will not last, unless it's a noob copying the name, not several people coming over from Alpha. Although they might last here and fall in Alpha, I dunno.

White Eagles, based on the rankings Slobo posted, is a bit too small, but I feel they'll do good, if they get some more members, and good members at that.
Dictatorial Democracy, despite being a paradox, looks like it'll stick around for a while, if not mostly dominate the world. If they don't stay in the top 3, I wouldn't be surprised to see 'em merge with another top alliance (although who merges into who can be brought into question).

All I got, considering I'm not even playing the world. Mostly just sick of people just yelling "MRA! N00bs! j00 haz 55 n00bs!" (Yeah, minus the awful leet speak in actuality, but that's what I see.) Instead of yelling MRA at medium sized alliances, save it for the alliances with over a hundred members scattered around the entire world. (which is an actual MRA)


Never said they were an MRA :p
As I do not know what they are capable of.
MRA implies they just recruit everybody in sight, I do not know if that's the case or not.
But just judging by it being the first few days and they're already at 1/3rd of the limit I wouldn't be surprised if they opened up some academies and 'brother' alliances.
But again, that is opinion and not fact.


So, reading your opinions...from today: an alliance with more than 10 players is considered an MRA.

The world opened a couple of days ago, and you pretend to judge an alliance only because it has the astonishing number of...55 members? Wow, amazing

Petrika Grosi

Look, if I have 29 players now in the ACE OF HEARTS, i know perfectly who are 25 of them and every one knows each other from other worlds, have comune interests, loyality, agresivity and like i say are elite players, not because they are less in number but because they are the best. please tell us how much you know from your 55 members? May be 3 or 4?! Cammon, the most of times the alliances who go fist days in 5 TOP ranks result MRA's. Sure that an alliance who goes in less than 3 days to recruit to much members everywhere they can is a MRA. Some other alliances totaly noobs and MRA's offered me to merge from the second day promissing founder and leader rights... You can judge by yourself who is MRA and who is not. Anyway, we will see all when the protection ends and start the real game
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1. Hydra Initiative-Great Alliance,Good Average,Good Points but only thing they are recruiting in 45 and in 55!Can they handle it all?
2.Dictatorial Democracy-^^Same as above but with better leadership!
3.AmoebenStyle-Good Average........Still they are recruiting in all Core Oceans!
4.Golden Age-Not so good Average but all their cities are in 055 so I expect that they will do well!
5.ACE OF HEARTS-Good Leader..Good Location...Good Alliance :D
6.The Argonauts-They have good location(All cities in 045),have #1 Players but it seems like he carries dead weight behind him!
7.To Die For Viva Warriors-They came from Alpha,Good Average but from what I know there is only a few good players in that Alliance and they will fall!
8.DRACONIANS-Lowest Average in Top 12...Dont know anything about them!
9.White Eagles-Wont comment anything I˙ll just say we are all in 045!
10.The Viking Horde-Good Average,Number one Alliance in 44 with all their cities...I`ll say they will be good!
11.The Massacres-Low Average,But god depends what will they do next.........
12.Last Fallen Nation-Only 8 Players with greatest Average,Good Leadership probably will be in top 3 in a month!
I expect Much of them.......
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Ugh -_-
loki, why'd you have to come here? lol..

I'm not saying anybody with more than 10 players is an MRA.
I'm saying that getting 55 players on the first day is kind of a stretch...I wasn't judging them, and in case you didn't notice, I never once said they were an MRA.

An yeah, Last fallen nation seems to be doing pretty good :D


I'm usually never on the forums to start with, but now that the us servers are up I guess its okay to start a clean slate. I usually play on the en servers... I never really knew there was a difference. So I have plenty of experience with Grepolis. But sometimes mass recruiting is needed. A lot will disagree with this statement. But those who think about it truly will understand what I mean. Not everyone from old worlds are capable of joining every new world.... You will lose plenty. So you need fresh recruits. Mass recruiting in the case of it being all over the globe shouldn't be done.... That I agree with. Mass recruiting globally isn't the smartest idea. Unless for example; In Tribal Wars World 48 I was a leader of a very widespread tribe.... I entered the world at its mid stage. So nearly everyone was recruited or dead. Those that weren't were all over the place. Piranha and Crash(Might have been some other tribe but I forgot but they were the biggest at the time) were at war.... Anyone in the middle was being destroyed. My tribe was a small one. About 10-15 people. These 2 tribes were the biggest. And we were stuck in the middle of its warfare. Piranha eventually spread into my continent and well wiped a lot of people.....A lot of my good friends on that world didn't make it out. Well my main point is that if I didn't mass recruit my tribe would have died long ago...... I held up long enough and fought back a bit. So mass recruiting isn't 100% bad, but is a useful technique at the right time. My tribe merged into CALL another large tribe.... I stopped playing on that world soon after because I believe my computer broke..... And I began playing again this year or last year...... So mass recruiting does have its perks..... when you need fresh blood do it. When your close to extinction, do it..... But I don't recommend it as something to do always.


Top 12 is hard to determine, since it's so early in the game, also, I know that a couple of those Alliances simply recruit new players as soon as they reach around 300 points.

... Not exactly an "elite" alliance.

Petrika Grosi

I recruited more than 10 players with 0 points but this dont make ACE OF HEARTS, MRA... look all of them in 2 days are giving great results. The secret? Are the best killers and friends of mine from en server :p