Top 12 Alliances

Please do not post until world opens, this thread is made to discuss the top 12 alliance for world Rho.

P.S: If a mod could sticky this It'd be much obliged.


One is to discuss the top 12, and the other is just predictions as to whether or not you think the alliance will last or not
Exactly .

Astartes , Punk in Drublic and Alone in the Light are looking good so far . Let's see what happens next .
CCCP is looking like the first MRA. Over 21 members with average under 500 a player. Astartes and PiD are both number one in their respective oceans.
lol gierto I love your sig. Also Spartans just originated in 55. 22 members (7 more than PiD), and they still havent passed us as their average is less than 400. MRA Alert

Edit: They took in more members and have moved to number 1 in 55
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Pressure Cooker

I don't think CCCP will be gone that soon. Although they seem like a mass, I was informed they all know each other. They can't speak English (good) so they talked Russian with me in a PM. They told me they invited each other on a few islands and take in Russians only. I personally don't think a group of friends will fall down soon, except when they are getting conquered which will take some while. And unfortunately I'm on an island whit about 15 of those guys. Yeah, 1 island :(


Oh.... my.....God...... It's not even a day old and the Rhomans have an academy. That's got MRA written all over it.
Woot. Number 5 alliance Punk in Drublic is now number 4 in ocean 55 due to the presence of the MRA's Spartans, Rhoman Empire, and Rhoman Empire 2. I fear there may soon be nobody left in 55 to invite at this rate lol


Not as bad as in Lambdas start. Devils and angels (now defunct) had around 60 members day 1 and 90+ day 2. My alliance was so happy and it was like taking candy from a baby for a while.


These guys have 76 on Day 1, so lets see if they can break 100 before tomorrow night.