Top 12 Alliances: Sink or Swim

Kuro Okami

So what is this Top 12 Sink or Swim, I'm new to this game but my assumption is that Sink would be failing and Swim would be succeeding.


1 S.P.Q.R 100558 72 1397 --- largest alliance and not too spread out, float
2 Illyrians Hegemony 97989 65 1508 --- good average points, swim
3 The Abusement Park 97064 61 1591 --- good average points, swim
4 Death Row 91241 60 1521 --- good average points, swim
5 LEAGUE OF SHADOWS 84447 67 1260 --- horrible horrible alliance (why all caps?)
6 Brotherhood of the Wolf 74761 61 1226 --- will be devoured, sink
7 Anonymous 74474 53 1405 --- decent average but a few less players, float
8 Warlords 59494 54 1102 --- every alliance named warlords should be sunk, sink
9 Roma Victora 54552 44 1240 --- have the top ranked player, but is that all? float
10 MASSACRE 51852 48 1080 --- don't know anything about them, float
11 DaMaGePlAn 50967 44 1158 --- they will likely be heavily damaged, sink
12 Thank You 47389 37 1281 --- I like the name but don't know anything about them, sink


Annihilators is my alliance we have experienced players mixed in with a bunch of noobs. Right now we are beating US Army's academy in Nu single handedly but US Army is stopping us from just completely killing off their academy. I was probably biased seeing as this is my alliance.
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I think Storms Warning may be decent. Though they haven't gotten a lot of members since the first or second day, they have a great core and all their members are in a 1h support distance from each other

Mr Doctor

There seems to be a flurry of frivolous alliances popping up all over the place. I'm going to fall back and do my own thing. Once I get things moving, I'm sure that anyone noteworthy will notice. And then I wont have to ask someone to let me join. They'll see it as the smart thing to do.


shiftydowwg is a friend of mine but otherwise so guy are kind of small, need to get more people to tell for sure


I think any alliance with an academy right now will fall within a month it's too early to have one.


maybe at some point they will kick out half of their members and conquer them. Like humans do to farm animals raise them, care for them, and straight to the slaughter house
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