Top 12 Alliances: Sink or Swim

I didn't realize that NE was no more. You had some good players there, it is a shame that you have disbanned. Are you guys planning on staying on the server or are you all leaving?
1 - Doomsday Confirmed - Swim - They have a good track record on the battle field, they took on the previous #1 alliance and won. With the recent additions from NE, adding to their members list, I can see this alliance doing very well.

2 - Titans - Swim - Many of the players here came over together from EN server where they have a good track record. They're performing really well here and I think that this alliance will continue to thrive in Sigma.

3 - Killer Rabbits - Swim - They have risen through the rankings quickly over the last few weeks. They have knocked OMEGA NOCTE out of the top 12 and after looking at their alliance profile and watching their founder in action, I can see them doing well.

4 - The Inevitable - Swim - They are topping the rankings for ABP and expanding at a good rate.

5 - Wrath of Hades - Sink - They have lost some key players recently and are suffering as a result. However even before this, they was always going to struggle due to the poor management. They have no refugee policy and will even sink allies CS that have been launched before the player was invited. They will invite anybody they are at war with (literally anybody, no point requirements needed here folks) so are bound to get a spy at some point. After they have invited the player, they're off limits from anyone they're allied with, even if the player has no intention of joining. So anyone who wants a bit of breathing room from WOH or their allies, just ask them to join and you'll get it and an invite. Should buy you a few weeks peace and if you move over you can get some good intel off them. Thanks to having some good players, they have performed better than other MRA's but with recent inactivity, lack of team work from half of their players and that their allies are also suffering atm I can't see them lasting much longer even with them propping the whole alliance up.

6 - IronBound - Swim - IronBound are fighting with Unkowns and are expanding well. After IronBound have gotten past the unknows they will hit their allies WOH, so will be able to expand even faster.
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Pressure Cooker

I didn't realize that NE was no more. You had some good players there, it is a shame that you have disbanned. Are you guys planning on staying on the server or are you all leaving?
Some went to Doomsday Confirmed and Visigoths. I and some others left to the Killer Rabbits. It's going to be very interesting in the core now, lots of inactives and players that quit are there now, which means a lot of battle points which I have been long waiting for.


This will probably be my last comment. Unless of course you all decide to keep it going but if you do it's all good I am enjoying this. So we took inactive and cities you planned on losing. Well what did you take. Out of our 17 cities we took how many of them did you plan on losing? Out of our 9 cities we lost how many of them were core cities within our borders? You took 1 of my cities it was oh the edge of 25/26/35/36 right by the corner. besides the inactive cities we lost all of the active players cities we lost were far from support and yet even my 1 city which recieved no support took 3 days to be conquered. Instead of posting here and trying to make yourselves look good. Look at the facts. You have a few players who are good. You could have more but you would rather post here about how good you are and not teach. That is the difference between winning a war and losing. I take the time to teach anyone in my alliance who wants to learn. I even take the time to teach people in your alliance who want to learn. I have had conversations with people in your alliance about their tactics, how they attack and what to use it makes them better opponents which makes my enjoyment of conquering them increase. Taking out someone who doesn't understand the game isn't as much fun but I will do it. So what you should do is start talking to your newer members and teaching them. IT is probbaly too late for you to come back but maybe if you try then the next time they will be able to put up a better fight.
ahem, really? were you planning on coming out of vm sooner or later, or did you quit like quite a few other people previously under discussion once we started beating you up again?
Guessing he quit, like the others. Is a shame he was a good player but with the number of simmers they had it was only a matter of time before they crumbled.

Plus I can't blame him or the others who up and left, having Tony in the alliance was gonna cause mass exodus, TOO MUCH DRAMA haha
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inevitable just toppping the abp? check again ;)

easy to get bp when you don't surround yourself with 20 sister alliances and pacts
Pretty sure you weren't topping the list when I posted but I can't remember who was. Shame that no one is updating the milestones since Kuro left. Could have double checked


the post was a month ago? it has been that way for at least 3

the milestones list was kinda one & two sided back then... but it would be interesting now, things are getting shaken up
Sorry, didn't notice that you were topping dbp and fighter as well or I would have put it down.

Totally agree, things have changed a fair bit since NE broke up. Shame this forum is so dead and nobody ever posts on it, would be good to hear more about what is going on in various parts of the world.


a lot of weaker players were resorting to reporting players that were destroying them for every little bit of "language", since it's easier than rimming them themselves.

so no one wants to run their mouths in public lol