Top 12 Alliances: Sink or Swim


Now that there are 12 alliances, I think it's high time for a top 12 :)


1 The Abusement Park 13956 22 634 --- my alliance, so biased, but swim
2 S.P.Q.R 9675 16 605 --- how are there so many of these? are they all the same people? swim
3 Illyrians Hegemony 8434 13 649 --- swim
4 Circle of Trust 6510 10 651 --- float
5 LEAGUE OF SHADOWS 6106 13 470 --- sink
6 Black Riders 4342 8 543 --- sink
7 Death Row 4044 6 674 --- float
8 Brotherhood of the Wolf 2704 5 541 --- sink
9 Total Conquest 2539 5 508 --- sink
10 The Ashes of Creation 2095 4 524 --- sink
11 Storm Warning 1944 4 486 --- sink
12 Honey Badger and Rome 1539 2 770 --- this is actually just two people :p
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The Abusement Park: swim

What do you guys think of the Circle of Trust
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1 Illyrians Hegemony sink
2 The Abusement Park swim(circles around the rest of you)
3 S.P.Q.R sink (and never found again)
5 Death Row sink
6 Super Contra sink
7 Circle of Trust sink
8 Honey Badger and Rome sink
9 Warlords sink
10 Storm Warning sink
11 Brotherhood of the Wolf sink
12 The Fellowship sink


I don't like to make judgments this early, but I like our group we have so far in TAP.

Da best ever

Do you guys think any of the alliances under the top 12 will rise up?


Haha this is an interesting server. i personally think its too early to decide who will sink or float. only been out for a few hours haha


Ok so day one is over and now I can safely make my top 12.

1. Illyrians Hegemony - MRA, sink
2. S.P.Q.R - HOW MANY OF THESE GUYS ARE THERE!? sink, like always
3. The Abusement Park - Swim, great lineup
4. Anonymous - Float
5. Death Row - Swim, they look pretty solid.
6. LEAGUE OF SHADOWS - Sink, way too many pacts, shows inexperienced leadership
7. Super Contra - Float, not quite sure what to think of these guys honestly
8. Honey Badger and Rome - Float, then I suspect will merge into another alliance
9. Circle of Trust - Sink, same reason as League of Shadows
10. Brotherhood of the Wolf - Float I guess, no opinion
11. Storm Warning - Swim then sink
12. Thank You - Sink


Illyrian Hegemony- *cough* MRA sink

S.P.Q.R - I feel like this alliance is in every world and they never succeed, same profile too so I think it is just one guy going around the worlds failing at alliances, so then he moves to the next world and fails. SINK

Abusement Park- Swim. Great Alliance and they are stacked of vets (i am a little bias though)

Anonymous- Sink, look at their average 782

Death Row- Float. decent average

LEAGUE OF SHADOWS- sink, they seem to be sister alliances with everyone

Super Contra - sink

Honey Badger and Rome - float for a bit and then sink
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