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THIS IS NOT A TOP 12. This section is to talk about the top twelve alliances.

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not yet, but none of them are the ones i'm looking for


I know its early so here are top 12:

Thanks for the pic bud.

Here's my analysis.

1. Plaga Mortis- A premade, this alliance is off to a strong start with a solid founder in Nestle, and a wide member base. Although they have some dead weight, it is still early in the game and they have plenty of time to rid of those players. They are located in O54, though they have players in all oceans.

2. The Rebellion...- Although they don't have any big name players, they seem to be decent thus far. I'd have to name these guys as the underdogs and am interested to see what happens to them. They are present in all the core oceans.

3. Dragons- Though they have a solid core, these players have posted mediocre point gain. This may be because of a build strategy, or simply because they aren't as active. Based in O55, only one player is not in O55, but on a nearby island, which I like.

4. Domination Complex- With semi-active leadership, I cannot see a good path forward for this alliance. O44 is their stronghold, and they are bunched together heavily on a few islands there. Personally, I dislike filling an island up with too many members, as they have done. In all honesty, I don't see them staying up near the top for long.

5. Rave- Somewhat of a premade from what I have heard, this alliance is led by the capable [member]TexasCriminal[/member]. A player once told me that an alliance's profile shows the nature and capability of itself, and this profile is one of my personal favorites. As far as I can tell, all the members are based in O55 with one just over the border into O45.

6. Blood Bath- Another underdog of mine, I see this alliance going far. They are doing little recruiting as far as I can tell, and have good members. They seem to be split evenly into two oceans, but they are not to far apart in O44 and O55. I like the looks of these guys.

7. US NAVY- With this common of a name, and their mass recruiting tactics, I see this alliance being the first to dissolve. They have a very low average and are said to be based in O45 though they only have 2 cities there. :/

8. RazorX- Another sad looking alliance, these guys have a low average and are pacted with US NAVY. I see them decaying soon also.

9. Excalibur- Led by Carter1411, I don't see this guys sticking around very long. Though Carter is an active player, in recent worlds he has joined, and immediately made alliances. He also doesn't seem to stick around for very long. I hope he stays here for an extended period of time.

10. Chimera- An excellent small alliance based in O44 and O55, I like the look of some of these players, but I wonder how long they are going to stick around seeing as they aren't very compact.

11. The Unsullied Located in O55, these players are mostly small and there leaders do not seem to be very active. I don't see them hanging around in the top 12 for long at all.

12. Free French Forces An MRA, which repeatedly invited me after I denied, I hope they go down quickly, and it seems like they will. Based in O44, I can see these frenchmen becoming the farms of other alliances.

\Up and Coming Alliances\

25. Jet Propulsion Lab A premade, which displayed no information before the world was released, has come out strong. With only 4 members they may have a tough time protecting themselves, but seeing as there are not to many elite alliances in this world, I can see them lasting for a while.

26. GreenVenture An alliance that just popped up minutes ago, they also have 4 members, and are based in the lower O45/55 border. With an excellent founder at their helm, I'm interested to see where they may go.

Thanks for reading everyone! + reps are appreciated as this took quite a bit of time.


I completely agree with your insight on rave and blood bath though I too expect to see them expand and go far into the server I have respect for their founder's as well


1. Plaga Mortis- Good founder, although, they say they have all great player, but really its half good and half bad. The good also world hops a lot so we will see if they stick around, but they could be good. Kinda spread out

2. The Rebellion...- Spread out like Plaga Mortis, good structure of players... could be good.

3. Dragons- Most of the players unexperienced and not good. However, have good core and average leadership.

4. Domination Complex- Maybe Just maybe

5. Rave- Me and Tyler Boyd's Alliance

6. Blood Bath- Looks average

I did not take much time as I have things to do, but just a little top 6 insight. Just go with what Primitive said lol


I am sad to hear this about my alliance... I disagree with you, but maybe you are right...


I don't get how to post a pic but anyway...

Rebellion Rising


The Rebellion



Looking forward to the end of BP to see the true colors of these alliances


They have a pact with each other so I'd think so
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Plaga Mortis - A good group of players that came over from Kappa(most of them).Good average points per player. They are positioned mostly between the border of 54/55, and a grouped fairly together. Have too many players for my liking though. Might last a while

The rebellion - spread out across six oceans, these guys are an MRA. It doesn't look like they have a strict criteria for new players applying and already have an academy alliance :eek:. Will not last long.

Rave- Are spread out over ocean 55. They have a decent core, though just a little to much members again, good leadership and APP. The thing I don't like is the profile pic. Skull and crossbones. No, just no. Will last a while

Domination Complex- Have a nice core in o45 with a few members very far out. Not good APP but not bad. They don't have any requirements but to remain active. Don't see them lasting long.

Dragons - Spread out over o55. Good leadership but no detail in the profile. Have a bit of dead weight and a decent APP. But don't know what requirements are to join etc. Will last a while

The top 5 :eek:

Don't see a point in the rest of the top 12, my overall opinion... meh.

Primitive... Primitives alliance. Fan club!!! I want one :(