Top 10 Alliance breakdown based off points


Top 10 based off of Member avg, ABP, DBP, TBP and Memebr avg bp. Points awarded like this 1 st place gives you 10 points and it goes down with rank. Tie breaker is ABP.

Top 10 as they are ranked in the game:
1. WOLVERINES 2240 avg. 9527 ABP 8212 DBP 17,739 TBP 177.39 avg. BP per member
avg=7th(4) ABP=6th(5) DBP=4th(7) TBP=5th(6) BP avg.=9th(2) Total points=24

2.ASSASSIN ELITE 2832 avg. 24,795 ABP 6449 DBP 31,244 TBP 411.10 BP per member
avg=4th(7) ABP=3rd/8/ DBP=7th(4) TBP=3rd/8/ BP avg=4th(7) total points=34

3. Pax Britannica 2291 avg. 8908 ABP 5095 DBP 14,003 TBP 200.04 avg. BP per member
avg=6th(5) ABP=8th(3) DBP=7th(4) TBP=8th(3) BP avg=8th(3) Total points=18

4.Project Nukes 2508 avg. 20,969 ABP 10,064 DBP 31,033 TBP 517.21 BP per member
avg=5th(6) ABP=4th(7) DBP=1st(10) TBP=4th(7) BP avg=3rd/8/ Total points=38

5.Devil Bar And Grill 3417 avg. 12,357 ABP 4687 DBP 17,044 TBP 387.36 BP per member
avg=3rd(/8/ ABP=5th(6) DBP=8th(3) TBP=6th(5) BP avg=5th(6) Total points=28

6.AweShock 3451 avg. 28,116 ABP 6045 DBP 34,161 TBP 813.36 BR per member
avg=2nd(9) ABP=2nd(9) DBP=6th(5) TBP=2nd(9) BP avg=2nd(9) Total points=41 points

7.Swamp Fox Brigade 3803 avg. 31,394 ABP 8517 DBP 39,911 TBP 1050.28 BP per member
avg=1st(10) ABP=1st(10) DBP=2nd(9) TBP=1st(10) BP avg=1st(10) Total points=49

8.The Borg Collective 2086 avg. 10,943 ABP 2198 DBP 13,141 TBP 208.58 BP per member
avg=9th(2) ABP=6th(5) DBP=10th(1) TBP=9th(2) BP avg=9th(2) Total points=12

9.Dominion 1827 avg. 4190 ABP 3979 DBP 8169 TBP 138.46 BP per member
avg=10th(1) ABP=10th(1) DBP=9th(2) TBP=10th(1) BP avg=10th(1) Total points=6

10.IMPERIUM LUSITANO 2156 avg. 6666 ABP 8355 DBP 15,021 TBP 312.93 BP per member
avg=8th(3) ABP=9th(2) DBP=3rd/8/ TBP=7th(4) BP avg=6th(5) Total points=22

Top 10 Based off point system:
1. Swamp Fox Brigade 49 points (I am Bias here but the best of all)
2. AweShock 41 points (Very impressed with this group!)
3. Project Nukes 38 points (Not sure on them yet)
4. ASSASSIN ELITE 34 points (MRA will crumble soon)
5. Devil Bar And Grill 28 points (Not sure on them)
6. WOLVERINES 24 points (MRA for sure and should be gone soon)
7. IMPERIUM LUSITANO 22 points (Nothing to see here)
8. Pax Britannica 18 points (Same as above)
9. The Borg Collective 12 points (Should be called "The Boring Collective)
10. Dominion 6 points ( Would their name be a oxymoron? Lol)
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