To the old BridgeBurners!


Just want to say hi to all the original BB out there! I see things haven't changed! You guys are still destroying and everyone keeps on complaining that you are cheating and all that.

I miss playing with you guys and wish I was there for the end game!
Can't wait to hear from you guys.

btw, for the rest of tau who doesn't know who I am. I was the leader of The Malazan Empire which merged with AD's alliance No Nonsense. Withing a week we destroyed Romulus and Remus, the second and third largest alliances at the time (lol remember dragoncire2 guys?), and then we destroyed Game Over (The largest alliance) the following week and took their best players! Now I don't want to say that I was a badass, but I was (first player to 500K)!

Go Team Bad Guys and make me proud.

P.S. Keep on being cocky. Its the best part of being the best! Keelee, your a wet towel and you were a pain to fight against. AD, aren't you glad we merged?


You didnt destroy Game Over. They all jumped ship and merged; pretty sure Game Over was winning that fight, but had terrible Greek leadership =D


deli hit me up and join on the next server with us

U know damn well game over would have made an extended meal