Three Years After Opening, this server needs some updates and adjustments


Let's be real, no one is attacking each other as strong as them.

Some changes need to be made to make things more interesting. For me, making the server Conquest would help. So would allowing people to attack players regardless of their power level. Just my 2-cents.


The attack ban/limits were a fair idea, but the way it is done is so stupid and insane that this world just needs to die an immediate death.


Staff member
Will pop in here early - feel free to discuss any potential changes people might like to see.
It's unlikely I'll be able to get the go ahead for any proposed changes, but not impossible. Just want to make that clear early, happy to look into it but established worlds rarely receive changes to the configurations after they are set.


Well that needs to change. Not just for this server but Hyperborea too. At least add Persephone, Ares and Heroes to those servers.