Those Pesky Russians


As I said, PiD had a new target coming up, and that target is EoT. We did not want to go for them originally, but there were a few things that made us decide. First off, EoT has been slowly pushing towards our core, attacking TRR and small alliance-less players in 55. They even attempted to take a 5K inactive on PiD's core island. When asked about his alliances actions, Yurbasik replied with the same thing Alcatraz had done, "I don't know what you're talking about." We decided to let it go. However, a day or two later, one of our pact members came to me and told me that Pirate77 and Yurbasik were planning a strike on us, and were working on making a coalation to take us on. My first reaction was "wow, I like that they think they need a coalation to take us down." But after that, PiD gained the help of our closest allies A-O and America. Last night around 7 P.M eastern time, we struck, while most of the Russians were sleeping. The current score is:

PiD, A-O, and America: 18

EoT and Wizards: 0

Now, this is just the first day. However, some PiD and crew cities are currently in revolt. Will EoT be able to take any, or will they be too busy turtling to attack? They seemed to be turtled to start off it seemed. Also, under the EoT profile it says their friends are HaVoC, AoK and OC. The real question is, will OC and HaVoC join in, or will they sit it out and watch? I know HaVoC is already at war with White Knights, so not sure how this will all turn out. But stay tuned for updates :)

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The Russians spent so much money and they still lost the cold war. It was a bad investment


"However, a day or two later, one of our pact members came to me and told me that Pirate77 and Yurbasik were planning a strike on us, and were working on making a coalation to take us on..."
Sick imagination of the person that's just does not understand anything, or a liar. Russians is not sick to fight against the three major alliances. One member of the alliance came to me and said that Americans hate the Russian and decided to unite and defeat the Russian in the world. This has happened. Only noobs say "the Russian spent a lot of money". Russian spent a lot of time. Just have good fighters (see combat ratings) and just have noobs.


The Russians Are Coming Part II:
Camel and Wizards and Bears OH MY!!!​

Rumors of a new coalition were surfacing only this time it was the remaining Russian alliances that were forming it. The now deceased CCCP conglomerate have been inducted into Empire of Thor and Wizards and were ready for revenge were rumored to be joining forces for retaliation and have been positioning themselves closer to our core. The Leaders of PiD upon hearing word of the bear's intentions quickly initiated a plan of their own and called on their old friends A-O and America to help rid Rho's core of these pesky Russian goose chokers and send them all to the rim.

The first day of the war PiD and it's allies hit hard and quickly assimilated 18 cities from the enemy. The Russians were not ready to fall and giving the goose one last squeeze for all that remained of it's golden opportunity revolted a few of our own burgs but where unable to penetrate PiD's tight defense and claim them as their own. The coming days proved to yield much of the same with EoT and Wizard banners falling at a rapid pace.

Then came vacation season and many of the top contenders for the Russians were said to be off reflecting on life's complexities by a tranquil lake or pounding sand and riding camels into the sunset of some far off land. A few returned and attempted to hold their ground while others seemed to have taken up residence elsewhere never to plague Rho again.

Thus ended the longest war in the history of Rho to date with PiD once again sharing victory with it's allies this time with a feast of bear and a side of conjurer.