this server


Mods come on...

whats happening with this server. People are spending time / money on this game and Innogames cant even get the basics right or up and running.

1) The server forum name is still wrong even though it has been reported
2) Grepointel is still not updated leaving one of the major tools to players unusuable.

but you can develope events to get more money from people

you want us to spend time and money on this game but things that normally are easy to sort are not being.

its like buying a game and finding they are loads of bugs and no add ons to fix them.

Can we have an explanation on whats going on or a time frame when we expect it all to be sorted



Grepointel is not handled by Innogames, you have to contact the creator of the website to get him to update his list of worlds. (There's an e-mail address available on Grepointel's website)

As for the forum name, it will be changed soon I'm sure, just give it some time. It's not all that important, right? :)


it took crim a week to fix it on us.52.. intel usually takes a week to update on a new world.. lot of things you could complain about but this is a weird combo.


whitey these was the things annoying me at the time lol