Theta Update


well didn't mean to ignite that blow torch, just wondering the classification of a noob.. lol I only have like 8 or 9 months so still in my infancy myself. I am not gonna downplay anyone here as there are a lot of good players on both sides and some not. I think taking of inactives is part of the game that goes both ways and that inactives arent the only cities taken on both sides.. Lots of work to do and a little premature saying who won what war thus far, only time will tell. thisisgrepolis catch ya's on the flip side.


since I came back I've seen TR got beat so badly they either quit or server jumped or retreated to the stronger alliance TS. Looks like those 'crappy' alliances you talk about ya know TAB JL BH TB TRT oh yea we are doing fine :]

King David II

Also crm at least I'm active and at least TR doesn't need 1 person to control 9 accounts for your crappy little coalition :)